Schools as a Teaching Tool

Title Abstract Publication Date
How Parents and Teachers Are Helping To Create Better Environments for Learning. Energy-Smart Building Choices. This brochure shows parents and teachers how smart energy choices reduce school operating costs and create better learning environments. The brochure reveals how schools have turned energy... 01/31/2002
How Schools Are Redesigning Their Space. Discusses new visions of learning and how educators and architects are creating three-dimensional textbooks that use the learning environment as a teaching tool. Suggests that there is a current... 08/31/1993
Indiana University Pushes for Green Living in Residence Halls Describes a program at Indiana University in Bloomington that enables students to have their residence hall rooms certified as “green.” Program specifies 40 criteria that students can review to... 11/09/2011
Inside Stories A group of design professionals show how a school's interior design can inspire teaching and learning. 04/30/2012
Integrating Sustainability as a Learning Tool. Profiles Renton Secondary Learning Center near Seattle, and the Mothers' Club Family Learning Center in Pasadena, California. Both facilities engage the occupants in ongoing environmental... 12/31/2010
Learning Modalities and Space. Describes an architectural response to the need for alternative learning modalities. The article addresses the sub-groups that need to accommodated by grade level, subject matter, and instructional... 12/31/2009
Manassas Park Elementary School + Pre-K Description of the environmental aspects of Manassas Park Elementary School + Pre-K in Manassas Park, Virginia, winner in the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment Top Ten... 04/18/2010
Manassas Park Elementary School and Prekindergarten. Profiles this exemplary LEED Gold school, providing detail on the construction cost, bioclimatic design, daylighting, energy-efficient envelope, ground-source HVAC system, rainwater collection, and... 09/30/2010
Manassas Park Elementary School. This video tour of the new Manassas Park Elementary School details the facility's abundant sustainable features. The lead architect on the project details the rainwater harvesting system,... 12/31/2009
Moving the Classroom Outdoors. Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning in Action. Designed to provide teachers and administrators with a range of practical suggestions for making the schoolyard a varied and viable learning resource, this presents examples of how urban, suburban,... 12/31/2010
Neighborhood Journeys, Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: A Teacher's Guide to Using the Built Environment at Key Stage 2. Presents ideas for four school neighborhood journeys with activities that use the local built environment as a context for learning. Each journey has a different destination, addressing historical... 12/31/2003
New Reasons to Hope. [A New Green Generation.] Reviews efforts to create sustainability natives among the digital native students currently enrolled. High performance buildings that also serve as a learning tool are emphasized. 03/31/2009
No More What Ifs. Explores many elements that contribute to a net zero school that uses no more energy than it produces. Geothermal systems, water harvesting, wind energy, and use of the school as a teaching tool are... 03/31/2011
Open-Ended Learning. Profiles eight K-12 school projects submitted by design firms as demonstrating an innovative approach, application, or idea. These facilities include wind turbines, green roofs, and buildings that... 01/31/2009
Opening Windows to Cutting-Edge Education Design. Features the Center for Energy Efficient Design (CEED), a Franklin County public middle school located in Rocky Mount, Virginia and designed and built by Structures Design/Build. Unlike any other... 05/25/2011
Phelps High School: Building a School of the Future. Describes the renovation of the historic Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School in Washington, D.C., a design-build project that is LEED certified. Every inch of Phelps is... 12/31/2009
Pre School. At the Watkinson School, a pre-engineered building blends environmental science with ethics. Description of the pre-engineered buildings produced by Project Frog for the Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut, a venue for secondary level lectures, seminars, and laboratory work dedicated... 12/31/2011
Predock's Architecture School. Profiles architect Antoine Predock's new facility for the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico, emphasizing its abundant transparency, use as a learning tool, and... 12/09/2008
Ravenswood School for Girls / BVN Description and photos of the Mabel Fidler Building at Ravenswood School for Girls in Alabama. The building aims to bring together both passive and active design solutions to sustainability and allow... 04/27/2012
Reading, Writing, and Retrofits. [School Retrofits Go Green.] Profiles existing schools that are seeking to be more environmentally friendly through retrofitting. Illinois' Bloom High School is featured. The prudence of incremental improvements to existing... 11/30/2009
Redesigning Education: Rethinking the School Corridor. Roughly one-third of the typical school building is used not for learning, growing, or interacting, but for getting to the places where that happens via corridors. Recommends using corridors as... 03/25/2010
Reimagining the Classroom: Opportunities to Link Recent Advances in Pedagogy to Physical Settings Examines how a classroom's physical environment (as defined by its design, layout, furnishings, and space utilization) can be manipulated to enhance its learning environment. Presents three case... 10/31/2011
Restorative School Landscaping. Describes how to restore a school landscape through consultation with a design professional, collection of data on existing conditions and vegetation, analysis of traffic patterns, and use of space.... 04/30/2009
Rooftop Revolution. How Solar Panels on Public School Rooftops Can Jumpstart the Local Green Collar Economy and Dramatically Expand Renewable Energy in New York City Describes how New York City's public school system, the nation's largest, could be a launching pad for the expansion of solar energy in the city, using structured Power Purchase Agreements... 12/31/2011
School and More. Describes construction of Kahnaware Survival School near Montreal. In addition to its function as a school, the building itself serves as a teaching tool, a community gathering place, and a shelter... 04/30/2010