Schools as a Teaching Tool

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Architecture: Numerous Factors at Play When it comes to school architecture, there is no one size fits all approach. A variety of design elements are at play — no matter if the facility is an elementary or middle school, high school or... 12/26/2011
School as a Teaching Tool Curriculum Ideas. This document is intended to provide teachers with a starting point for the curriculum assembled for LEED for Schools IDc3: The School as a Teaching Tool. [Membership fee required for access.] 12/31/2009
School as a Teaching Tool: Hawkins Elementary School in Toledo, Ohio. Describes learning opportunities from new school's environmentally friendly practices and alternative energy systems. 05/31/2009
Sidwell Friends School (Middle School renovation and addition) Case study of the renovation and addition project at Sidwell Friends School (SFS) campus that transforms the Middle School's fifty-year-old facility into an exterior and interior teaching... 12/31/2007
STEM for All The authors share their insights into the proper role of and implementation for STEM within the K-12 sector. Discusses the following: lab function and layout; sustainable STEM buildings; buildings as... 11/30/2011
Stoddert Elementary School. Description of the modernized and expanded sustainable school in Washington, D.C. that enhances learning and inspires environmental stewardship. An interactive kiosk in the heart of the school... 12/31/2009
Sustainability Dashboards Provide Roadmap to Success. Describes sustainability dashboards that display and interpret data from various building systems, facilitating observation of energy and water use, as well as systems conditions. Advice on selecting... 08/31/2009
Sustainable Education Campus in Spain: Nature and Architecture for Training. Profiles a Spanish campus for education in sustainability, with campus design and landscaping as participants in the educational program. 06/30/2008
Sustainable Urban Science Center Case study of the Sustainable Urban Science Center, a classroom/lab building that is part of a Quaker school in Philadelphia, that is designed with the goal of capturing students' interest with... 12/31/2011
Taking It to the Next Level. Discusses recent green roof installations at schools, describing their benefits to rainwater retention, reduced energy costs, and use as a teaching tool. Advice on planning and installing a green... 08/31/2009
Teaching Activities Using Your School Building. Describes activities such as looking at a school's story, and thinking about the future. 01/12/2010
Teaching Environmentally Sustainable Design in Schools. Explores three ways students are taught environmentally- sustainable design within an eco-school system: the passive example of the present school premises; the use of architects-in- schools schemes... 09/30/1998
Teaching Green. (Green Schools Teach Green Lessons.) Discusses how school building features are being used to teach sustainability within the curriculum. Examples include photovoltaic systems, collection and re-use of stormwater, retention ponds... 09/30/2008
Teaching Tools. The Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. is one of a string of educational buildings designed by Kieran Timberlake that merge instruction, sustainability, and behavior modification. Outside, a... 07/24/2007
The Building as the Teacher. Profiles Pioneer Middle School in DuPont, Washington. Through collaboration with administration and teachers, the building became a learning tool stressing environmental stewardship. Signage... 12/31/2008
The Green Hire. Discusses how to use the school facility to teach sustainability. Special emphasis is placed on how to adapt and change behaviors within existing schools, versus those that were built green from the... 03/31/2010
The Impact of 'Green' Initiatives on Student Learning: Non-Financial Reasons for Going 'Green.' Briefly describes the benefits of green schools to the educational program and to occupant health. 04/30/2009
The Journey of Sustainable Schools: Developing and Embedding Sustainability. This report is for school leaders who are leading and developing sustainable schools. It summarizes the findings from Forum for the Future and the Institute of Education's 2009-10 research for... 09/30/2011
The Learning Environment as a Three-Dimensional Textbook. Describes how learning environments can be more educationally and optimally useful if the architecture of the built, natural, and cultural environments are used as teaching tools. Discusses how... 11/30/1993
The Link Between Buildings and Learning A school building is an important tool to support learning. Experts agree that school facilities should be designed to facilitate what we know today about providing the best possible education for... 12/31/2001
The School Building as Futuristic Teaching Tool. Profiles in detail the Kingsmead School in Northwitch, Great Britain. This high performance primary school features movable walls, winter gardens, enhanced technology, photovoltaics, a biomass boiler... 09/30/2005
The Sustainability & Innovation Awards. Green Designs in Educational Facilities. Describes the winners of the 2011 awards program for green schools, colleges, and universities, recognizing innovation and best practices. Awards categories are: Building as a Teaching Tool; Energy... 10/31/2011
The Third Teacher: 79 Ways You Can Use Design to Transform Teaching and Learning. Examines the link between how one learns and where one learns. Case studies, interviews, and written contributions are organized under 79 practical topics for how design can be used to transform... 12/31/2008
The Very Best of the 2009 Green Education Design Showcase. Profiles six educational facilities that feature innovative green building design features. The buildings were judged according to their use of the building as a teaching tool, energy efficiency,... 10/31/2009
The Walls Still Speak: The Stories Occupants Tell. Explores the complicated intricacies of how a school building's physical properties influence teaching and learning. Two high poverty schools, within the upper quartile of facilities quality,... 12/31/2006