Schools as a Teaching Tool

Title Abstract Publication Date
Therapeutic Schoolyard: Design for Children with Autism Needs of children with autism vary from child to child, but they all can benefit from environments that are designed with awareness of challenges and characteristics associated with autism.... 12/31/2011
This School Building Will Also Be a Teacher. Describes the learning opportunities from a new school building in the Bellingham, Washington school district. 08/19/1998
Thoughtful Design, Excellence in Every Detail. Profiles Virginia's Poquoson Elementary School, a grade 3-5 facility that features grade houses named for nearby wetlands, abundant daylighting, and use of the building as a teaching tool. (... 03/31/2010
Understanding Your Current School Building: Teaching Activities. Describes teaching activities designed to make the most of the learning opportunities created by the history of a school, building a new school, or refurbishing an existing one. 12/31/2009
Using Construction of Schools Buildings as a Novel Approach to Teach About Sustainability. Students learn from being involved in the design and construction of their educational buildings. This paper reviews the Smart Green Schools linkage project over 2007 to 2010, looking at how the... 06/30/2010
Using School Buildings to Teach Environmentally Sustainable Design. Buildings can do more than simply create the environment in which students learn - they can play a significant role in teaching students about the importance of their natural and built environments... 10/31/2003
Wanna Improve Education? Demolish the Classrooms. Discusses the radically different design of Denmark's Ørestad College. Organized around a central staircase and atrium, the boomerang-shaped floor plates spin and shift like a camera shutter to... 07/31/2010
When the Building is the Teacher Essay explores how campus, teaching, and learning complement each other. Discussion is based on the Lodi Unified School District, in California's Central Valley, design of a new STEM [Science,... 03/31/2012