Science Facilities --HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
At Swarthmore, a Green Building as a Billboard for Science. Profiles this new science facility which imaginatively joined three existing buildings, achieved LEED certification, and features a glass-walled common area favored by students. Creative logistics... 04/27/2006
Beneath the Surface: Better Cleanrooms through Management. Advises on cleanroom construction project management. Site selection, utility demands, modular cleanrooms, and various contracting schemes are addressed. 10/31/2007
Bernoulliborg. Profiles this news building housing the mathematics and physics departments of Groningen University and Hanze Polytechnic. A steel load-bearing structure exposes both the interior and exterior design... 10/31/2009
Best Practices for Sustainable Design of Vivariums. Provides an overview of the reasons for and benefits of sustainable design of vivariums. Specific strategies for improving water efficiency and saving energy are discussed. 11/30/2009
Beyond Net-To-Gross: Analog Tools for Thinking with Non-Architects about the Design of Circulation and Other Shared Spaces. Uses the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Koch Biology building to demonstrate design solutions linked to substantive issues about the client's activities, strategies and goals. The... 12/31/2004
Biomedical Facility Shows Best of Modern Lab Design. Profiles the University of Southern California's Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research. The article describes solutions for the specific needs facing... 04/30/2011
Biomedical Science Research Building, University of Michigan. Profiles this higher education science building that forges a new pedestrian connection between the campus and the medical school. The atrium accommodates casual interactions, conferences, banquets,... 06/30/2006
Bioterror Brigade. Discusses isolation, HVAC and other safety requirements for laboratories where biohazards are handled. 08/31/2005
Born to Run. Reviews mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements for modern higher education laboratories, with particular attention to creating systems that can accommodate future expansion and new... 07/31/2007
Boundary-busting labs: Design the Future of Breakthrough Research. Discusses challenges that institutions may face when creating interdisciplinary laboratory facilities. These include code requirements for the isolations of biomedical laboratories, conflicting... 10/31/2008
Bricks and Mortarboards. A Report on College Planning and Building. Presents discussions on the current status of the college classroom, laboratory, library, dormitory, and campus planning. Chapters by various authors emphasize that the new classroom buildings and... 12/31/1965
Broad Center for Biological Sciences at Cal Tech. Describes the named building, which is modern yet compliments the Spanish mission style of the original campus. The building provides labs, a magnetic resonance imaging facility, an auditorium,... 10/31/2003
BSC Choices Maximize Efficiency, Benefits. Examines the benefits and energy costs associated with different exhaust methods and optimizing the use of UV germicidal lights within biological safety cabinets (BSC's). 01/31/2008
BSC Efficiency Yields Rewards for Owners, Environment. Discusses biological safety cabinets (BSC's) and the many ways they consume energy. More energy-efficient designs with DC motors are highlighted, along with operational considerations for... 12/31/2007
Building a Low-Cost Gross Anatomy Laboratory: A Big Step for a Small University. This article illustrates details of the planning, building, and improvement phases of a cost-efficient, full-dissection gross anatomy laboratory on a campus of an historically design-centric... 06/30/2010
Building Blueprints. Biological Sciences--The Next Generation. Discusses how one college resolved the problems of building a high-tech, modern design college science center on a visible location within a traditional-looking campus. Design features that helped... 01/31/1999
Building Blueprints: The Science of Renovating a Science Building. Explores the multiple challenges faced by King's College (Pennsylvania) when it decided to renovate its life sciences building and how they were successfully met. Photos are included. 02/29/2000
Building Research Labs. Discusses some aspects of campus research facility construction that require specialized construction expertise, and which should be considered when reviewing construction proposals. 10/31/2002
Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities. This book provides in depth information that is needed to initiate a variety of building projects on a diverse range of college and university campuses. Filled with project photographs, diagrams,... 12/31/2002
Burnham Institute Florida: Green Lab Seeks Cures. Describes Burnham Institute Florida's commitment to achieving core values -- to sustain and improve the lives of others through a humanitarian and collaborative spirit in designing and planning... 11/30/2010
Busting the Limits of Science Laboratory Economics. Discusses a trend facing today's scientific laboratories: that the more specialized the lab, the more expensive it is, and the less accessible it becomes. The alternatives to the conventional... 12/31/2007
Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Caltech. Profiles this new academic building with a 148-seat auditorium, library, classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and basement-level laboratories. The modern structure was designed to visually connect... 10/31/2009
Calit2, University of California San Diego. Profiles this higher education telecommunications research building that uses technology as the unifying element. An innovative composite facade minimizes electromagnetic interference and the steel... 06/30/2006
Campus Project Designed to Inspire Ground-breaking Science. Profiles the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Jenelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia. The site, building, and laboratories of this unusual independent research facility are covered,... 04/30/2007
Carl Icahn Laboratory, Lewis-Sigle Institute, Princeton University. Describes the named building, which provides laboratories for fifteen faculty members and their assistants. A large atrium is included to facilitate the socializing considered critical to this... 10/31/2003