Science Facilities --HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Understanding Laboratory Water Systems. Discusses laboratory water management, describing hazards of backflow and backsiphoning, as well as prevention of injuries with emergency showers and eye/face washers. 03/31/2010
Univ. of Miami Takes Integrated Approach to Biomedical Research and Support Services. Profiles the University of Miami's Biomedical Research Building. Descriptions of the research spaces, support facilities, and sophisticated HVAC system and exhausts are included. 03/31/2009
University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences / HOK With the goal of fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary care, the new academic medical center will create connections that allow students, faculty, biomedical researchers and clinicians to... 05/21/2012
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Describes this extensive complex of university-affiliated cancer research and treatment facilities, consisting of ten buildings that house a workforce of over 15,000. 12/31/2005
University of Toronto Center for Research. Profiles this higher education genomics research facility that carefully addresses its slender site and historic neighbors. A list of project participants, building statistics, plans, and photographs... 06/30/2006
Utah Lab Project Requires Persistent Site Analysis. Describes the challenge of building a new laboratory at Utah Valley University. The lab had to be constructed along an existing campus concourse that connects major campus buildings and whose... 05/31/2010
VAV vs. Low-flow: What Saves More? Briefly narrates the history of energy conservation for laboratory fume hoods, and then compares the energy savings of variable air volume (VAV) and the newer low-flow hoods. Both types save energy,... 09/30/2006
Ventilated Cabinets: Design and Intent. Addresses the following considerations for designing laboratory ventilated cabinets: construction and testing; venting; location issues; and the special concerns of corrosive storage cabinets. 12/31/2010
Ventilation Heat Recovery for Laboratories. Discusses energy recovery from laboratory air, which typically requires 100 percent outdoor air at high ventilation rates. Energy recovery can substantially reduce the cost of conditioning this air,... 02/28/2006
Vermeer Science Center, Central College. Describes this higher education science building renovation and expansion. Rainwater collection, photovoltaics, greenhouses, and sophisticated HVAC heat recovery systems combined to produce the first... 10/31/2004
Vibration Isolation Critical to Measuring Neuronal Patterns in the Brain. Discusses the need to eliminate low-frequency vibration from outside sources in this type of research. An example of how the vibrations were mitigated at Georgetown University Medical Center is... 03/31/2009
Virtually Educational. Profiles Loma Linda University's Centennial Complex, a large academic center that anticipated future teaching strategies with highly flexible spaces ranging from very small classrooms to two... 02/28/2011
Wabash College Hays Hall. Describes this new facility that houses the biology and chemistry programs together for the first time in the long history of this private college. Building statistics, a listing of the design and... 08/31/2005
Want Your Lab to Deliver Greener Results? Look to Hidden Cost Savings in Power. Advises on saving energy in laboratories through updating equipment with grant funds, proper maintenance, and proper power supplies. 01/31/2009
Watch Your Waste. College and university science programs generate hazardous waste that must be dealt with and disposed of in accordance with state and federal regulations. During a recent renovation and addition... 12/31/2010
Wayne State University, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Describes this facility, which maximizes efficiency by creating spaces which can be converted to laboratories if needed and by concentrating high-traffic functions on lower floors. Building... 10/31/2003
Web Exclusive: Laboratory Goes Through-the-Roof Green. Profiles a new facility at Maine's Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, focusing on the design and insulation of more than eight inches of polyisocyanurate insulation in the roofing system... 08/31/2009
West Virginia University South Agricultural Sciences Building. Profiles this higher education academic and laboratory building, which met a tight budget and building schedule with a fast and affordable envelope. Building statistics, a list of the project... 08/31/2007
Y2E2: Building that Breathes. Profiles this Stanford University science building, emphasizing its natural ventilation, daylighting, and sophisticated HVAC and energy recovery systems. 06/30/2011
Yale Rehab Sets LEED Precedent. Profiles the conversion of early 20th-century laboratories into modern facilities, which helped establish a LEED standard for sustainable laboratory renovations. A description of the opening of the... 07/31/2008