Science Facilities --HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Carnegie Mellon University Gates and Hillman Centers. Profiles this new computer and academic center on a complex site, with abundant daylighting, a wide variety of window designs, and distinctive irregular forms. Plans, photographs, and a list of... 12/31/2010
Case Study: Diablo Valley College Goes Wireless to Integrate with Network Security. Profiles this institution's use of wireless locks to retrofit an older building for increased access control. Proximity card access and a key override are featured. 01/31/2009
Center for Clinical Services Research, California. Highlights Stanford University's 220,000 square-foot Center for Clinical Sciences, the design of which represents a high-quality architectural departure from the old building styles and creates... 05/31/2001
Changing the Rules. Explores key design concepts that support interdisciplinary and collaborative learning in college science classrooms. How each of these concepts were applied at the Lied Science, Mathematics, and... 06/30/2000
Chemical Fume Hoods in Higher Education Science Laboratories: Electrical, Mechanical and Human Controls This paper is predicated on the realization that a chemical hood is only one element of laboratory safety which encompasses a variety of other elements starting with the architectural design and... 04/30/1995
Chemical Management Resource Guide for School Administrators. Helps identify sources, sometimes obscure, of dangerous chemicals in schools and advises on steps to oversee chemical management activities including establishing a leadership team, implementing... 11/30/2006
Chemistry Facility Inaugurates New Era for Science at Princeton Describes in detail the design of the new Frick Chemistry Laboratory at Princeton University. This building won the Lab of the Year High Honors. 05/31/2012
Chilled Beams in Laboratories: Key Strategies to Ensure Effective Design, Construction and Operation, Part 1. Describes how chilled beam cooling systems work, their particular advantages to laboratories, and present three case scenarios for chilled beam systems in different laboratory designs. 07/31/2009
Chilled Beams in Laboratories: Key Strategies to Ensure Effective Design, Construction and Operation, Part 2. Discusses three areas of chilled beam system design: system sizing, controls and integration, and energy modeling. A chilled beam system designed for a laboratory with this information in mind can... 08/31/2009
Chilled Beams in Laboratories: Key Strategies to Ensure Effective Design, Construction and Operation, Part 3. Discusses construction and commissioning of chilled beam systems in laboratories. The costs, hanging of the beams, and maintenance of the systems are addressed. 09/30/2009
Class Laboratories: Space Use and Utilization. Describes ways that laboratory space in higher education is assigned to departments and utilized. Various systems of distributed versus centralized ownership and scheduling are detailed, along with... 10/31/2003
Clemson University - ICAR Collaboration 3. Profiles this new campus for automotive engineering research, a public-private partnership including laboratory space equipped with a 5-ton crane and class-A office space on the second level. Over a... 10/31/2008
Cliffhanger: UCSF Embraces Creative Design in Earthquake Country. Profiles the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building at the University of California San Francisco. The facility follows the contour of its steep site with cantilevered design and pilings... 04/30/2011
Cold Spring Harbor Upgrade Creates Research Village. Profiles this research facility expansion that preserved the bucolic landscape by building significant underground spaces, planting 700 trees, and by locating the chiller away from the campus in a... 07/31/2010
Collaborate to Design/Build a Lab: Three Essential Tactics. Advises on how to collaborate effectively on a design/build laboratory project. Commitment from architects, builders, and owners; a pre-design analysis; and a flexible design scheme that can... 01/31/2010
Collaboration: A Better Way to Quality, Efficiency and Value in Construction. Discusses inclusion of a construction manager when building laboratories, and that person's role in potential modular construction, building in future flexibility, and fast tracking the project. 12/31/2009
Collaborative Research. Discusses three key influences in laboratory design, resulting from the infusion of nanotechnology into many areas of research. These are: 1) interdisciplinary instruction and research spaces, 2)... 10/31/2005
Collaborative Venture Produces Versatile Open Laboratory. Profiles the Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute, a collaborative venture between Harvard and MIT. The open and extremely transparent building encourages interdisciplinary work, and includes mobile... 04/30/2007
Colleges Expand to Meet Health Care Demand. Profiles the expansion of health care science facilities at Skagit Valley College, Central Oregon Community College, and Clackamas Community College. Input from surrounding health care institutions... 08/27/2008
Commissioning Labs for Safety. Discusses the responsibilities of laboratory commissioning professionals, emphasizing confirmation of emergency power for vital systems, coordination of building and laboratory systems, and testing... 05/31/2008
Commissioning Ventilated Containment Systems in the Laboratory. Discusses commissioning of laboratory exhaust systems, listing the types of systems that should be commissioned, the personnel who should be involved, and key elements of the commissioning plan. 03/31/2009
Complying with Science. Using the regulations and guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, this article describes how to make the science classroom accessible to all, so that every student can have the... 04/30/1995
Computer Science and Engineering Building, University of Michigan. Profiles this higher education science building, sited on a hillside with a 30-foot grade change. The resulting below-grade classrooms and services spaces reduce the need for heating and cooling.... 06/30/2006
Consider Synergies When Determining the Real Cost of LEED. Discusses analyzing the cost of LEED-certified design with consideration to base project costs, code compliance, and immediate energy and water savings, rather than strictly as add-on costs. 06/30/2010
Construction Boom Pumps up New Lab Building Costs. Reports on rising laboratory construction prices due to competition within the construction industry and rising oil prices, with coastal locations experiencing twice as much an increase as those in... 06/30/2008