Science Facilities --HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Interim Biohazard Emergency Response Procedures, University of Missouri-Columbia. Presents guidelines for laboratory personnel in the event of a spill or release of Biological Safety Level 2 agents in their laboratory. Immediate response actions are followed by detailed actions... 09/30/2001
Is Generic Really the Answer? Post-occupancy Assessments Reveal How Users Really Work in Labs. Reviews occupant use of three open molecular biology research laboratories, with a goal of improving efficiency and cutting cost in a fourth laboratory that was being designed. Bench use, storage use... 05/31/2007
Kahn in Context. Describes the architectural planning for a new engineering and science building at the University of Texas-Pan American (Edinburg) where the campus design (Louis Kahn architectural concept)... 12/31/1998
Kansas Facility Scores Recruiting Success with Interdisciplinary Focus. Profiles the new Kansas Life Sciences Center at the University of Kansas. The multi-disciplinary laboratory unites medical and pharmaceutical research in a facility noted for its outstanding... 02/28/2010
Keeping Things Quiet at the University of Oregon. Reviews the design of a multi-disciplinary science facility, where sensitive equipment and special ventilation requirements created challenges for noise and vibration control. Carefully designed... 02/29/2008
Lab Building Costs Continue to Decline. Outlines reasons for a continued decline in laboratory construction costs in 2010. Cost declines by laboratory type are also discussed, and displayed in a table. Variations in costs according to... 06/30/2010
Lab Building Costs Plummet with Economy. Outlines reasons for declining square foot construction costs for research laboratories, as well as the availability of federal stimulus funds for the same. A table illustrating 2008 and 2009 costs... 06/30/2009
Lab Building Costs Start to Rebound. Draws on a variety of data sources to give reasons for increased construction costs in first half of 2011. 06/30/2011
Lab Construction Costs up 6% for 2005. Details rising costs for laboratories due to higher construction costs, biocontainment requirements, escalation of equipment demand, and expansion of equipment-based science. Costs in most U.S.... 08/31/2005
Lab Design and the Expert: Experience Brings Benefits, Pitfalls. Discusses the benefits that laboratory design expertise brings to a building team, but cautions also that such expertise should not merely repeat past successes that may not fit the client. 11/30/2006
Lab Honored for Accommodating Complex Program, Schedule. Profiles the University of Pittsburgh Biomedical Sciences Tower III, and 11-storey facility that accommodates multiple research types with a new prototype plug and play casework, an advanced imaging... 04/30/2007
Lab Honored for Dramatic Renovation of Key Space. Profiles Carleton University's Steacie SuperLab, a large and open facility created from four previous cramped and dark laboratories. Opening the space allowed for a doubling of fume hood... 04/30/2009
Lab of the Year Combines Efficiency, Site Sensitivity. Profiles Columbia University's Gary C. Comer Geochemistry Building, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Campus. The facility was sited for minimal environmental impact, preserving views, avoiding... 04/30/2009
Lab of the Year Entries Reveal Eight Current Trends. This first part of a two-part article reviews four of eight typical features of higher education laboratories entered into this magazine's Lab of the Year competition. These are:... 09/30/2007
Lab of the Year Entries Reveal Green and Other Themes. This second part of a two-part article reviews four of eight typical features of higher education laboratories entered into this magazine's Lab of the Year competition. These are green design,... 10/31/2007
Lab Rehab Costs Rising to Approach Those of New Construction. Reviews rising laboratory renovation costs internationally, with tables illustrating 2006 and 2007 figures according to laboratory type, cost increases for 22 metropolitan areas worldwide, and New... 07/31/2007
Lab Rehab Costs Rivaling Those of New Construction. Discusses costs for laboratory renovation and for new laboratories in international markets. 2007 cost increases for laboratories in 15 disciplines are included. 07/31/2008
Lab Renovation Costs Dip with Economic Doldrums. Discusses the decline in laboratory renovation costs, due to the weak economy. A chart accompanied by text details costs per square foot for laboratory renovations from 2007-2010. 07/31/2010
Lab-based Companies Can Benefit from Commercial Real Estate Downturn. Discusses how a downturn in real estate values can benefit institutions creating laboratories. Techniques and issues for turning vacant office space into laboratories are highlighted, as are... 12/31/2009
Laboratories for the 21st Century: An Introduction to Low-Energy Design. Describes energy-efficient strategies for designing and equipping laboratories. Basic issues of laboratory energy consumption are discussed, along with key opportunities to improve energy performance... 07/31/2000
Laboratories for the 21st Century: Best Practices, Water Efficiency Guide for Laboratories. Advises on reducing water use in laboratories, with special attention to cooling towers, equipment cooling and rinsing, and flow control. Specific practices for use within water treatment,... 04/30/2005
Laboratories. Profiles three higher education laboratories honored in American School and University Magazine's Educational Interiors Showcase. The projects were selected for their high performance principles... 07/31/2007
Laboratories. Profiles one high school and one higher education laboratory selected for the 2009 American School and University Magazine Education Interiors Showcase. The projects were chosen for their ability to... 07/31/2009
Laboratories. Profiles one high school and two higher education laboratories that were recognized in the American School and University Magazine's Educational Interiors Showcase. The projects were selected... 07/31/2008
Laboratories. Describes Loyola University's Life Sciences Education and Research Building, which features lounges offering views of the city, secured laboratories, a dramatic atrium entrance, and a green roof... 07/31/2005