Science Facilities

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Labs21 Environmental Performance Criteria, Version 3.0 Provides a rating system for use with laboratory building projects to assess environmental performance. It builds on the LEED Green Building Rating System that was developed by the U.S. Green... 12/31/2009
Learning Conditions for High School Science Recommended standards by the National Science Teachers Association for creating and maintaining safe, effective science learning conditions, including adequate space, safety equipment, and sufficient... 01/31/2002
Lighting Up Students with Technology and Progressive 21st Century Learning Strategies Recommends that schooling become more flexible and therefore more engaging and interesting, use less prescriptive technology, and improve STEM education if we are to maintain our place of prominence... 11/30/2011
Museum, School District Collaborate To Build An Unusual Hybrid. In South Central Los Angeles, a partnership between the district and a state-owned science museum will result in a neighborhood elementary school with a math- and science-focused curriculum and as a... 02/01/2004
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New Discoveries. Renovating existing space is often a feasible solution when science facilities need to be upgraded. To develop the best approach to a renovation project and to ensure the ideal solution, a commitment... 07/31/1996
Norfolk County Agricultural High School, Chemistry Classroom. Describes this renovation of a 1960's chemistry classroom into a modern facility with integrated scientific and telecommunications technology. Lists design and construction participants,... 06/30/2004
Not an Exact Science. Explains why schools and universities should seek wide-ranging input to create labs specifically designed for their science curriculum. Specific issues requiring attention are examined, such as... 10/31/2000
NSTA Guide to Planning School Science Facilities. Offers practical information on school laboratory and general room design, budget priorities, space considerations, and furnishings. Chapters of the book address the advocacy and planning process;... 12/31/2006
NSTA Guide to School Science Facilities. The National Science Teachers Association, in response to the emergence of new science curricula and the need for updated science facilities in the nation's public schools, convened a task force... 12/31/1998
Old Buildings, New Life. Explains how schools can cost-effectively upgrade their existing science facilities and offer technologies normally found only in new buildings. Explores the decision-making process leading to a... 07/31/2001
Optimizing Laboratory Ventilation Rates: Challenges and Implementation. Presents case studies of optimizing two laboratory ventilation systems, as determined by commissioning. 03/31/2010
Optimizing Laboratory Ventilation Rates: Challenges and Implementation. Advises on how to optimize laboratory ventilation airflow and reduces associated energy use while maintaining or improving safety. Existing codes are reviewed and the steps of reviewing design intent... 01/31/2010
Out of This World Learning. Profiles California's Lewis Center for Educational Research Academy for Academic Excellence. The K-12 charter school features a radio telescope, greenhouses, fish ponds, and a mission control... 09/30/2009
Outside the Box. Profiles a new science wing at a Dallas private school, describing the design, LEED features, and funding. Photographs, plans, and a list of project participants are included. 12/31/2009
Penny-wise Decisions. Details statistics indicating a sharp rise in school laboratory accidents when less than 60 square feet per student is provided, indicating that attempts to save money by cutting space in... 06/30/2006
Place-based Learning: Interactive Learning and Net-Zero Design Case study of the Music and Science Building for Oregon's Hood River Middle School where Food and conservation science curriculum, net-zero design and student-based building performance... 11/30/2011
Planning a Safe and Effective Science Learning Environment An environment appropriate for activity-oriented science is one that contains sufficient work space, equipment, and materials for students to practice and master the essential elements. This... 12/31/1988
Planning a STEM Classroom Discusses furniture design and room layout that will help to facilitate STEM curriculum and programs to maximize learning. 03/31/2012
Planning the Middle School Science Classroom. Examines the planning requirements for designing a middle school's science classroom, including the areas of casework and sinks, surfaces, furniture, gas, storage, power, ventilation, and safety... 12/31/1999
Pollution Prevention Measures for Safer School Laboratories. Advises on maintaining the chemical inventory, chemical purchasing, storage, labeling, waste minimization, laboratory ventilation, protective equipment, and spill prevention and cleanup. Includes 16... 01/31/2006
Room to Learn: Mystery Science Theatre. Profiles the high school physics laboratory of Dave Lapp at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, California. The teacher invited his students to help transform his room into a parallel universe of... 05/31/2007
Safe Science Facilities: Reviewing Factors that Affect Classroom Environment, Curriculum, and Safety. Science teachers often have two different curricula--the ideal framework on paper and the real, day-to-day instructional program that occurs in the classroom. A number of factors can affect how much... 08/31/2005
Safer Science: Chemical Storage. Reflects on the danger of an It's always been done this way attitude towards chemical storage in school science laboratories. References are provided to national standards for the storage of... 09/30/2009
Safety in Science Classrooms: What Research and Best Practice Say. Reviews the National Science Education Standards for science classrooms and gives examples of practice in the following areas: overcrowding, class size, individual workspaces and workstations,... 12/31/2002