Science Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
The High School Science Classroom of the Future. This article addresses curriculum, technology, and equipment for the science classroom in the year 2005. 12/31/1998
The Importance of Planning School Science Facilities. Discusses the way science is currently taught, recent mistakes in school science facility design, and advises on designing science teaching facilities that accommodates hands-on study, collaboration... 12/31/2007
The Science Resource Area in the State-of-the-Art High School. Examines areas that are part of a flexible and integrated science facility within state-of-the-art high schools that allow students to progress at their own speed and learn in their most effective... 09/30/2000
The Wave of the Future: Prototype Classrooms/Laboratories for the Hunterdon Central Regional High School District, Route 31, Flemington, New Jersey. Outlines plans for completion of two prototype classrooms, one for science and one for general technology. Curricular and instructional trends in mathematics, science, and educational technology are... 01/31/1992
Three Keys for Selecting K-12 Science Furniture and Equipment. Emphasizes selecting science laboratory furnishings for flexibility, sturdiness, and usefulness. Savings can be realized by eliminating central gas systems, fixed casework, and rarely used fume hoods. 12/31/2004
Toward High School Stockroom Safety. This paper will attempt to address both practical and legal issues that confront science educators, in general, and chemistry teachers, in particular. Liabilities of teaching science, collection of... 09/30/2002
Understanding Laboratory Waste and Vent Systems. Discusses laboratory drain systems, with emphasis on the special materials required to accommodate corrosive or reactive particular to laboratories. 02/28/2010
What Goes Around Comes Around. Describes how schools in Carroll County, Maryland; Toronto, Ontario; Durham, North Carolina; Englewood, Colorado; and Troy, New York, are renovating their vocational areas for inquiry- based, hands-... 07/31/2002
What You Don't See Can Hurt You. Advises on the design and furnishing of the preparation and storage spaces that support school science facilities. Differing storage considerations for chemical, physical, and biological science... 04/30/2008
When the Building is the Teacher Essay explores how campus, teaching, and learning complement each other. Discussion is based on the Lodi Unified School District, in California's Central Valley, design of a new STEM [Science,... 03/31/2012
Z-Shaped Classroom Supports Technology, Enhances Learning. Examines the benefits of the Z-shaped science lab classroom configuration as a means of learning enhancement. Each section of the classroom is illustrated and described. Also discusses construction... 09/30/1997