Seismic Design and Retrofit for Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Earthquakes and Schools. Discusses earthquake basics, preparing a school for an earthquake, reducing nonstructural hazards, and seismic upgrading. A mitigation checklist is provided, as well as appendices on nonstructural... 09/30/2008
Earthquakes Threaten Many American Schools. Millions of U.S. children attend schools that are not safe from earthquakes, even though they are in earthquake-prone zones. Several cities and states have worked to identify and repair unsafe... 03/31/2010
Educational Facilities and Risk Management: Natural Disasters. Discusses the sensitivity of educational buildings to earthquakes and other natural disasters, given that they are densely occupied, and that they are often used as refuge for the general population... 12/31/2003
Edward R. Roybal Learning Center Serves as Example of Design Innovation. Profiles this large Los Angeles high school that was built on the site where construction of a replacement for Belmont High School was halted in 1999 due to methane seepage and an earthquake fault... 02/28/2009
Emergency Management Standards. Discusses emergency management standards for school use and lists standards recommended by FEMA's National Incident Management System (NIMS). 12/31/2008
Energy Supplement. Supplement to School Planning and Management. Presents the following articles on energy efficiency and American public schools: High Performance Schools Reduce Costs and Improve Student and Staff Environment (Larry Schoff); ASHRAE's... 02/28/2001
Evaluating Earthquake Retrofitting Measures for Schools: A Cost-Benefit Analysis. Based on a cost-benefit approach for evaluating seismic mitigation options for apartment buildings in Istanbul, Turkey, this paper presents a demonstration study for a hypothetical vulnerable school... 12/31/2003
Evaluating the Seismic Resistance of Existing Buildings. Describes a methodology for performing preliminary and detailed building seismic evaluations. The report contains a state-of-practice review, seismic loading criteria, data collection procedures, a... 12/31/1986
Facilities Management of Existing School Buildings: Two Models. This document presents two models that offer ways a school district administration, regardless of size, may introduce activities into its ongoing management process that will lead to improvements in... 12/31/1993
Faith Lift. Details the restoration of two historical stone buildings on the campus of San Francisco Theological Seminary, including seismic upgrades; improvements to the dome of one building, the stonework, and... 05/31/2002
Field Manual: Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings: Second Edition. Provides procedures and guidelines for the safety evaluation of earthquake-damaged buildings. These procedures and guidelines are written specifically for volunteer structural engineers, as well as... 12/31/2004
Findings and Recommendations on the Use of Non-Field Act Compliant Buildings for Public Schools. Presents findings of the California Seismic Safety Commission indicating that the Division of the State Architect (DSA) can develop a regulatory process that will allow the State Architect to... 11/30/2002
Friends School. Profiles the conversion of a former factory into San Francisco's Friends School, addressing the organization of the building, seismic retrofitting, preservation of certain detailing, and... 09/30/2009
Guidance Notes on Safer School Construction. Presents a framework of guiding principles and general steps to develop a plan to address the disaster resilient construction and retrofitting of school buildings. The guidance notes consist of four... 12/31/2008
Guide and Checklist for Nonstructural Earthquake Hazards in California Schools. Advises on the reduction of seismic hazards associated with the non-structural components of schools buildings, including mechanical systems, ceiling systems, partitions, light fixtures, furnishings... 12/31/2002
Guidebook for Developing a School Earthquake Safety Program. Provides information to assist the school community develop a self-sufficient safety program. Steps involved in the planning process are outlined in section 2. Section 3 describes how to estimate... 12/31/1989
Haiti Earthquake Clearinghouse This website offers news and updates on earthquake desctruction and relief in Haiti, maps, and response and recovery observations.
Haiti Schools The Council of Educational Facility Planners International and Schools for the Children of the World have partnered to establish a relief effort in Haiti to help in re-building the damaged and...
How a Strict Earthquake Safety Law Doesn't Apply to All Schools. Notes that California's charter and private schools do not always have to comply with the state's Field Act, which has imposed strict seismic building codes on schools since 1933. Some... 04/26/2010
Implementing School Seismic Safety Programmes in Developing Countries. Discusses some of the challenges of implementing successful seismic safety initiatives in developing countries. A number of strategy issues are discussed in the light of these programs, which focus... 12/31/2003
Improving School Earthquake Safety in India. Discusses efforts made to seismically retrofit New Delhi's Ludlow Castle School. STructural and non-structural modifications are described, as are intentions to replicate these modifications at... 12/31/2008
Incremental Seismic Rehabilitation of School Buildings (K-12): Providing Protection to People and Buildings. Asserting that the strategy of incremental seismic rehabilitation makes it possible for schools to get started now on improving earthquake safety, this manual provides school administrators with the... 05/31/2003
Iran's School Earthquake Safety Initiative. Emphasizes the importance of Iran's school earthquake safety initiative due to the young age structure of Iran and the loss of schoolchildren during earthquakes. The authors detail the formal... 09/30/2007
Jean Parker School, San Francisco Describes the post-earthquake renovation of a San Francisco urban elementary school that preserved its historical detail within a modern replacement. Design features are detailed; photos and a floor... 10/31/1999
Keeping Schools Safe in Earthquakes. Reports on a 2004 conference of international seismic and educational facility experts. Part 1 discusses the recognition of obstacles to improving seismic safety of schools in various countries. Part... 12/31/2003