Seismic Design and Retrofit for Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Earthquake Preparedness Guidebook.[Arkansas] This guidebook was created to help school personnel create, supplement, and revise their earthquake emergency procedures. Includes information on legal requirements, how to start a preparedness... 12/31/1998
School Earthquake Safety Guidebook. Covers earthquake drills, programs for reducing seismic hazards, response plans, and individual checklists for students, teachers, principals, parents, maintenance staff, and bus drivers. 11/30/2000
School Facilities Manual: Nonstructural Protection Guide. Safer Schools, Earthquake Hazards, Nonstructural. Second Edition. [Washington] Addresses the strengthening of nonstructural elements of a school building to resist earthquake-induced damage and improve school building safety. Nonstructural elements include the decorative... 04/30/2000
School Seismic Evaluations Phase 3 Report for Wyoming Department of Education. Presents a summary of evaluations of selected Wyoming public school buildings for potential seismic deficiencies pertaining to earthquakes. The Standard used to evaluate the school structures was the... 10/31/2002
School Seismic Safety in British Columbia: A Grass-roots Success Story. Describes how a grass-roots program in British Columbia convinced the government to invest significant funds to implement school seismic safety. The need to link science and advocacy is especially... 09/30/2007
School Seismic Safety: Falling Between the Cracks? This explores the magnitude and urgency of the question of seismic safety in schools, estimates the order of magnitude of the challenge, and offers a series of case studies from various countries. It... 08/24/2004
School Site Preparedness for the Safety of California's Children K-12. Should a disaster equaling the magnitude of the Northridge earthquake occur, the current varying levels of site preparedness may not adequately protect California's children. The report... 12/31/1993
Seismic Analysis of Glenwood Middle School, Evansville, Indiana This paper describes important engineering features relating to the seismic evaluation of a school building system in southern Indiana. This evaluation is the first step in identifying deficiencies... 07/31/2004
Seismic Considerations--Elementary and Secondary Schools. Earthquake Hazards Reduction Series. Seismic safety provisions, when incorporated in a sound design from the very beginning, usually amount to only about l.5 percent of the cost of construction. General information concerning the... 12/31/1989
Seismic Mitigation Strategies for Existing School Buildings Examines specific examples of the seismic mitigation process for schools, a process showing that seismic retrofit in existing schools in other parts of the country are possible and could lead to more... 12/31/1993
Seismic Rehabilitation of School Buildings in Japan. Describes efforts directed toward upgrading seismic performance of vulnerable school buildings following the 1995 Hyogoken-nambu (Kobe) earthquake. Damage statistics of school buildings due to the... 12/31/2003
Seismic Rehabilitation of Seismically Vulnerable School Buildings in Japan. Discusses engineering aspects of school earthquake safety for Japan. The 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in the Kobe area was a significant impetus towards assessing and trying to improve the... 09/30/2007
Seismic Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Schools in Bogota. Examines the National System for Disaster Risk Management of Colombia, developed within the ethos “that disaster risk management is not a discipline, sector, or institution, but is a strategy of... 09/30/2007
Seismic Retrofitting of Non-Structural Elements: Lighting in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Report on Costs and Benefits of Natural Hazard Mitigation. Focuses on the seismic retrofitting or replacement of pendant lights and associated components at thousands of schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District following the 1994 Northridge... 12/31/1996
Seismic Risk in Existing School Buildings in Algeria. Reports on seismic risk for Algerian school buildings. A review is provided of the history of the construction of Algerian school buildings, along with earthquake damage which has been experienced.... 09/30/2007
Seismic Risk in Schools: The Venezuelan Project. Describes the performance of school buildings in the 1997 earthquake in north-east Venezuela, in which two schools collapsed and 46 students were killed. It provides seismic data on the region and... 12/31/2003
Seismic Risk Mitigation Practices in School Buildings in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1999, 820 schools were affected by the Kocaeli earthquake in Istanbul, 22 of which were subsequently demolished. This paper describes the impact of the earthquake on school buildings in Istanbul... 12/31/2003
Seismic Safety in California's Schools: Findings and Recommendations on Seismic Safety Policies and Requirements for Public, Private, and Charter Schools. Considers situations in California where schools may fall short of typical seismic safety expectations. The report finds that private schools and charter schools, particularly those in older... 11/30/2004
Seismic Safety Inventory of California Public Schools. Reports on an inventory of California's K-12 schools that found 80 percent of California's kindergarten through 12th grade public school buildings meeting expected life safety performance... 11/14/2002
Seismic Safety of Schools in Italy. Examines the possible causes of collapse of a primary school in San Giuliano, Italy, in the 2002 Molise earthquake, which killed 27 students and one teacher. It also considers the general sources of... 12/31/2003
Seismic Strengthening of School Buildings Portugal knows all too well how destructive earthquakes can be. This publication is a testament to the recent work of experts, governments and communities to seismically strengthen school buildings.... 12/31/2010
Seismic Upgrades for High-risk B.C. Schools to Cost $1.3B A team of engineers has re-evaluated the threat earthquakes pose to more than 500 British Columbia schools and determined 152 remain at high risk and will need structural upgrades to make them safe.... 05/10/2012
Senate Bill No. 375, an Act to Add Section 17075.20 to the Education Code, Relating to School Facilities. This is the amended text of additions to the California Educational Code that relates to seismic retrofitting of schools and to funding of the same. 02/25/2009
Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Describes the forces that earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes exert on buildings and offers some school siting, design, and construction suggestions to mitigate damage from these disasters. 07/31/2006
Simple Method Strengthens Schools, Other Buildings Against Earthquakes. Civil engineers using a specialized laboratory at Purdue University have demonstrated the effectiveness of a simple, inexpensive method to strengthen buildings that have a flaw making them... 02/20/2009