Selecting Design Professionals

Title Abstract Publication Date
A New Approach to Selecting Architects. An approach to selecting architects goes through filters of screening, presentations, and interviews before the final selection. Architect's hints accompany the description of each filter. 12/31/1988
A Procedural Guide for Planning an Educational Facility. Provides the board of education and administrators with a single document containing information needed to implement an educational facility construction program. The objective is to provide planners... 04/30/1993
A School Administrators Guide to Selecting a Design Professional Since building designers play a key role in the school construction process, it is important they be selected based on qualifications, level of service, and ability to work with education... 09/30/1996
A School Briefing Primer. Examines the use of, and procedures for, a school walkthrough with architectural candidates to help school officials in selecting a design firm that fits their particular circumstances. Included are... 12/31/2000
ABC Unified School District Request for Qualifications for Architectural Services. This is the information packet that the ABC Unified School District uses to request a proposal for professional architectural services relating to construction of new elementary and secondary schools... 12/31/1997
AIA Architect Finder The American Institute of Architects' on-line member directory, searchable by building type and state. Also included is information on how to select and work with an architect.
American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Education (AIA/CAE). This committee explores changing educational needs and promotes design excellence for educational facilities and cultural spaces. This website includes full text publications and conference...
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) An on-line directory of ASLA members and firms, searchable by firm name, practice type, city, or state. Landscape architects plan and design school grounds, outdoor classrooms, parking lots, athletic...
Architects as Educators. Examines the selection process for an architectural firm in new school design and the importance of the firm including the philosophy of the school and its surrounding neighborhood into the design.... 10/31/1999
Architects Lead the Way in Community College Partnership Projects. Describes the role of architects in the growth of community colleges, through their matching through design of local partner needs and the institution's educational program. The skills that... 04/30/2006
Architects USA Architects USA is an Internet directory of over 30,000 architecture firms in the United States. Listings are from the Yellow Page listings and from architects who have sent in their information.
Architects: 14 Ways to Get Better Performance from Your Architect. Having reasonable expectations of your architect will help prevent dissatisfaction with your next building or renovation project. 02/28/1998
Architectural Fee Guidelines. Presents the Arizona School Facilities Board's guidelines for determining a lump sum fee for architectural and engineering services. The fee is determined by the difficulty and estimated overall... 01/06/1999
Architecture: A Process for Educational Excellence Within Budget This article discusses several criterion for selecting a design team: 1. Make Learning Achievement the Criterion for Architectural Selection; 2. Use this Checklist for Future Design Team Selection; 3... 01/23/2006
Becoming Partners. Discusses the partnership between architects and educational administrators in terms of what architects should know about educational institutions and what administrators should know about architects. 12/31/2005
Big Plans on Campus. Profiles four higher education campus architects, discussing the differing priorities of their master plans, capital programs, and architectural aesthetics. 06/30/2007
Build It Right. Advises on assembling a school construction team, detailing the duties of a project manager, how the project manager addresses the school district's culture and financing mechanisms, and... 04/30/2008
Building & Renovating Schools: Design, Construction Management, Cost Control. Covers the building and renovating process from initial planning, needs assessment and design through move-in. The “Planning and Design” section features guidelines for developing planning documents... 12/31/2003
Building Your Dream School: Some Thoughts to Consider. Presents a reader-friendly account of the school design process, with guidance on defining a community's dream school, building support for its funding, converting dreams into an actual design,... 12/31/2005
CEFPI Consultants Directory. This directory serves as a resource to school districts, colleges and universities, and others who seek professional assistance in some phase of educational facility work. The directory includes a... 12/31/2005
Choosing Wisely. Discusses the skills and qualifications to look for when choosing a landscape architect for educational facilities. 10/31/2002
Construction and Modernization: Information to Assist School Districts in Addressing Construction and Modernization Needs. Advises local school districts on how to manage construction projects. Topics covered include district leadership and staffing, procedures for selecting professional design consultants and firms,... 12/31/2007
Construction Coordination Is a Team Effort. Advises on selection of architects and construction managers for school projects, as well as how to encourage teamwork and handle change orders during the project. 12/31/2005
Consumer's Guide to Hiring an Architect. This publication describes what kind of projects require a licensed architect, finding and selecting an architect, and items to be included in a contract between a client and an architect. 01/31/2006
Council of Educational Facilities Planners, International Source for information on building, renovating, or evaluating schools. The CEFPI website includes publications, journal citations, conferences and workshops, and a list of consultants. CEFPI is an...