Site Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Guide to School Facility Site Selection. Examines size requirements and provides minimum acreage requirements for Georgia schools. The importance of utilities in a modern school plant is addressed and committees are urged to make every... 01/30/2008
A Guide to School Site Selection. Examines size requirements and provides minimum acreage requirements for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Describes the importance of utilities in a modern school plant and... 11/30/2003
A Procedural Guide for Planning an Educational Facility. Provides the board of education and administrators with a single document containing information needed to implement an educational facility construction program. The objective is to provide planners... 04/30/1993
A Safe Environment Discusses the EPA's first-ever federal guidelines for locating school facilities that encourage high-performance schools, stress the importance of locating schools near populations and... 11/30/2011
A Small Footprint. Profiles this prototype school that was built on an infill site by virtue of its small footprint and its proximity to public facilities. The site selection, community participation, building design,... 03/31/2010
A Smart Map for Schools. Disscusses the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to plan schools by combining census, land use, land ownership, transportation, housing, and student data. The importance of combining all... 01/31/2005
A Snapshot of What's in the Air. Examines testing methods for air pollutants at schools situated in industrial areas, where the occupants are potentially at risk for health problems. The latent nature of these potential health... 11/30/2008
A Study of the Factors and Procedures Used for School Site Selection, Site Development, and Site Utilization This study attempted to determine the factors and procedures used by school administrators and school boards in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania, when school sites were selected and... 12/31/1972
A Tight Fit Describes the campus design of the University of Houston (Texas) as an example of an urban campus where space is limited; the siting of new buildings was straightforward; and the planning focused on... 12/31/1998
A Toolkit for Tomorrow's Schools: New Ways of Bringing Growth Management and School Planning Together. Describes many aspects of simultaneously planning development and schools. The influence of the modern school system's composition, with magnet schools, charter schools, school shopping parents... 09/30/2003
A Way to Healthier Kids. Reviews some causes of childhood obesity, the health and school attendance problems it can cause, and urges emphasis of physical activity through, walking to school, opening of school grounds after... 04/30/2007
A Welcoming Environment. Profiles the North Campus of Pittsburgh's Winchester Thurston School. The vernacular buildings reflect the site's former use as a horse farm. A list of project participants, photographs,... 12/31/2007
Achieving Healthy School Siting and Planning Policies: Understanding Shared Concerns of Environmental Planners, Public Health Professionals, and Educators. Discusses policy decisions regarding the quality of the physical school environment--both, school siting and school facility planning policies. These are often considered through the lens of... 12/31/2009
Active Transportation to School: Trends Among U.S. Schoolchildren, 1969-2001. Analyzes data from the 1969, 1977, 1983, 1990, 1995, and 2001 National Personal Transportation Survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation to document the proportion of students... 05/31/2007
Air Pollution Around Schools Is Linked To Poorer Student Health And Academic Performance. Exposing children to environmental pollutants during important times of physiological development can lead to long-lasting health problems, dysfunction, and disease. The location of children's... 04/30/2011
Alternative Locations for School Buildings Examines the plight of school systems in urbanized or highly-developed areas that have difficulties locating suitable sites for new buildings. Presents examples of schools that have found alternative... 06/30/1999
An Analysis of the Safety Issues Involving Local School Children as Pedestrians The New Orleans Public Schools' Department of Planning has been concerned with school children as pedestrians for the past five years. The safety issues include the streets, the drivers, and the... 12/31/1986
Back to the Agora: Workable Solutions for Small Urban School Facilities. Suggests adapting the model of the ancient Greek agora to create successful small schools and describes several that have done so while reducing costs. These innovative urban small schools are the... 08/31/2003
Barriers to Children Walking to or from School United States, 2004 Reports results of surveys examining reasons why children do not walk or bike to school, with distance from school accounting for almost 60%, followed by traffic dangers (37%), exposure to weather (... 09/29/2005
Before You Dig; Here's What You Need to Know About Selecting a Site for Your New School. Mistakes in picking school building sites can mean unexpected cost overruns, excessive site maintenance, environmental hazards, and other problems. To avoid site-selection catastrophes, this article... 09/30/2001
Belmont Learning Complex: Report of Findings - Part II. This report provides findings of fact on the development of the Belmont Learning Complex of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and contains recommendations to remedy identified... 09/12/1999
Belmont Learning Complex: Report of Findings. This report provides findings of fact on the development of the Belmont Learning Complex of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and contains recommendations to remedy identified... 09/12/1999
Beneath the Surface. Discusses how subsurface analysis can take the guesswork out of a building project and can save time and money. The basics of subsurface exploration are explained. 10/31/2000
Best Practices Manual and Assessment Tool: Relocatable Classrooms for High Performance Schools, 2009 edition. Advises school designers and builders on how to adjust their high-performance strategies to account for the differences found in a typical relocatable classroom. Issues involved with site preparation... 12/31/2008
Brownfields to School Sites: How Can the State Facilitate Cleanup To Build Essential Schools? This document presents background information and testimony concerning the cleanup of potentially contaminated vacant or underutilized property for use as future school sites in low-income and... 01/13/2000