Smart Growth and Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
21st Century School Fund The 21st Century School Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to work on school facility issues nationally and locally in the District of Columbia, building the public will and capacity to...
A New Urbanist Model of Learning. Profiles the Walker Creek Elementary School in North Richland Hills, Texas. The new school in a new residential development is conceived as a community center, and features outdoor learning areas,... 05/31/2007
A Safe Environment Discusses the EPA's first-ever federal guidelines for locating school facilities that encourage high-performance schools, stress the importance of locating schools near populations and... 11/30/2011
A Smart Map for Schools. Disscusses the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to plan schools by combining census, land use, land ownership, transportation, housing, and student data. The importance of combining all... 01/31/2005
A Symposium on Smart Growth and Schools. This is a summary of a symposium on smart growth and schools co-hosted by Smart Growth America, the 21st Century School Fund, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Rural Schools and Community... 11/25/2001
A Toolkit for Tomorrow's Schools: New Ways of Bringing Growth Management and School Planning Together. Describes many aspects of simultaneously planning development and schools. The influence of the modern school system's composition, with magnet schools, charter schools, school shopping parents... 09/30/2003
Back to School for Planners Schools are an important community asset, and represent one of the largest capital outlays many local governments make. Decisions about school construction and renovation have profound implications... 09/30/2004
Barriers to Children Walking to or from School United States, 2004 Reports results of surveys examining reasons why children do not walk or bike to school, with distance from school accounting for almost 60%, followed by traffic dangers (37%), exposure to weather (... 09/29/2005
Big Tram on Campus. Describes San Diego State University's efforts to bring mass transit to the campus, highlighting the institution's resistance to any plan that did not create a centrally-located facility... 05/31/2006
Build Smart Smaller, community-centered schools can help a district grow in many ways. This describes the characteristics of smart growth schools and how to overcome obstacles. It also summarizes policy reforms... 09/30/2003
Build “Smart.” Smart growth schools are small in size, encourage broad community involvement, and make good use of existing resources. Promoting small, community-based schools requires innovation, new partnerships... 09/30/2003
Building Community: A Post-Occupancy Look at the Maryvale Mall Adaptive Reuse Project. Describes the conversion of Phoenix's vacant 1950's-era Maryvale Mall into an elementary and middle school. The project yielded a construction cost of $65 per square foot, and the new... 01/31/2006
Center for Cities and Schools The Center is committed to bridging the fields of education and urban policy to create equitable, diverse, and livable cities and schools. The Center works to promote understanding of how the...
Charter Schools Benefit Community Economic Development. Charter schools have proven an effective tool for urban economic development by reviving communities, providing services, and renovating older buildings. Because charter schools are not provided with... 10/31/2003
Closing Costs: A Summary of an Award Winning Look at School Consolidation in West Virginia, a State Where It Has Been Tried Aggressively. With the promise of broader curriculum and huge tax savings, West Virginia has closed more than 300 schools, one in every five, since 1990. In 2002, the Charleston Gazette investigated the outcomes... 07/31/2002
Coalition for Community Schools. The Coalition for Community Schools works toward improving education and helping students learn and grow while supporting and strengthening their families and communities. Community schools bring...
Communities of Opportunity: Smart Growth Strategies for Colleges and Universities. Discusses how various institutions of higher education across the United States have adopted smart growth strategies to help ensure that new growth and development meet the institutions' mission... 12/31/2006
Community and School Facilities: Our Vision, Goal, and Initiatives. Outlines the Foundation's position on the value of community-use schools designed with community participation. Guiding principles for creating schools as centers of communities are offered, and... 01/31/2005
Creating Communities of Learning: Schools and Smart Growth in New Jersey. This paper discusses New Jersey's unprecedented $12.3 billion school construction and reconstruction project, launched in 2000, as an opportunity to reconstruct the state's communities,... 05/31/2001
Creating Communities of Learning: Schools and Smart Growth. Describes two projects seeded by New Jersey's Communities of Learners campaign: a national design competition for a new high school in Perth Amboy, and an effort to create large scale public... 03/31/2004
Design Guidelines for Pedestrian-Friendly Neighborhood Schools. Provides information on school location and construction issues to consider to make schools pedestrian-friendly. The guidelines group these factors into three broad areas: 1) Neighborhood guidelines... 12/31/2004
Designing a City of Learning: Paterson, NJ. Presents concepts for using public school capital projects as tools for revitalizing a post-idustrial American City. It applies the school design and planning strategy called City of Learning [COL]... 12/31/2000
Developing Community Nexus Centers in New Orleans. Advocates planning for integrated delivery of educational and social services, using the opportunity in the post-Katrina Gulf Coast rebuilding to bring these services together into centralized... 12/31/2006
Dollars and Sense: the Cost Effectiveness of Small Schools. This publication summarizes research on the educational and social benefits of small schools and the negative effects of large schools on students, teachers, and members of the community, as well as... 12/31/2001
Don't Destroy Neighborhoods To Educate Them. Well intentioned but off-target planning regulations are neglecting to create the community-centered schools the public is demanding. This discusses acreage standards, policies restricting the amount... 01/15/2002