Special Education Accomodation

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Bridge Over Troubled Water: Facility Needs for Inclusive Classrooms Based on the premise that no student is disabled, the authors of this article on inclusive classrooms call for universal design in schools that meets the needs of ALL students, each of whom possesses... 08/31/1993
A Case Study--The Gaenslen School in Milwaukee Faced with the challenge of replacing a Milwaukee (Wisconsin) school for the physically handicapped, a new facility was designed to accommodate a substantial number of exceptional and regular... 12/31/1992
A Curriculum Every Student Can Use: Design Principles for Student Access. This publication addresses issues involved in universal design for learning as they relate to full access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities. It begins by discussing... 12/31/1997
A Passing Grade. Discusses the 2004 Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG) that contain new provisions for adult access, as well as special considerations for children's use facilities.... 04/30/2006
A Place Like No Other: Students with Autism Design a Space to Learn Best. Describes the process and design of a building for the League School of Greater Boston that meets the needs of those with autism and autism-spectrum disorders. 09/30/1999
A School for Complex Needs. Presents a case study of the private League School in Walpole, Massachusetts, showing the role specialty materials and finishes play in the design of a school for autistic students. Use of... 06/30/2001
A School for Everyone: School Design to Support the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities. Investigates the impact of school and classroom physical environments on the inclusion of students with disabilities. Researchers analyzed the physical environments of six inclusive schools in three... 12/31/2007
A Smooth Ride. Explains how the use of lifts, restraints, and movable seating on school buses helps schools provide safe transportation to students with special needs. The importance of air conditioning for... 09/30/2000
Access for Disabled People to School Buildings: Management and Design Guide. This bulletin provides technical advice for building designers to augment the provisions of the Building Regulations for English schools. It summarizes the provisions within the Disability... 12/31/1998
Accessibility Programme and School Restoration in Lisbon. Describes efforts in Lisbon to better integrate children with disabilities at the primary school level, focusing on the restoration of a historic mansion specifically for this purpose. 10/31/2006
Accessible Elementary Schools: A Renovation Planning and Design Manual. The manual is intended to help school districts comply with federal mandates for physical accessibility and least restrictive settings for handicapped elementary school children. A general... 12/31/1980
Accessible School Facilities: a Resource for Planning Intended as a tool to help school districts plan accessible schools. Provides a listing from research and best practice of those factors which improve the accessibility for students with special... 12/31/1998
ADA Issues in Public Schools. Outlines accessibility issues that are most commonly encountered in school settings. These include proper door resistance, clearances, and hardware; accessible seating in auditoriums and gymnasiums;... 04/30/2004
ADAAG Manual: A Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines The Access Board of the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board has issued this guide to assist in the use of its American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for... 06/30/1999
Adapting the Regular Classroom for Students Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing This paper describes several tools that teachers can use to ensure that modifications for students with hearing impairments in the regular classroom are both available and of sufficient quality.... 04/17/1998
Adaptive Playgrounds for All Children Procedures are discussed for developing a playground design that will enable all children, including those with disabilities, to participate in playground activities. The article addresses designing... 08/31/1991
Alternative Learning Spaces. Explains the history, method, and application of music therapy in schools, and describes the design and furnishing differences between a music therapy room and a conventional music instruction room.... 07/31/2009
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities: Building Elements Designed for Children's Use; Final Rule. Provides final guidelines to provide additional guidance to the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation in establishing alternate specifications for building elements designed for... 01/12/1998
Americans with Disabilities Act. Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG) This report contains scoping and technical requirements for accessibility to buildings and facilities by individuals with disabilities under the ADA. These requirements are intended to be applied... 12/31/1997
An Assessment of the Impact of the Sensory Environment on Individuals' Behaviour in Special Needs Schools. Presents analysis of teaching layouts and the sequence of activities in ten selected special needs schools, using questionnaire research directed at caregivers and teachers. The effects of several... 12/31/2005
An Investigation of Best Practices for Evacuating and Sheltering Individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities. Prepared in response to the June 2007 General Accountability Office report, Emergency Management: Most School Districts Have Developed Emergency Management Plans, but Would Benefit from Additional... 09/30/2008
An Investigation of the Physical Environment and Its Effect on MR Youth. Reported are the findings of a research study to determine the effects of physical environment on the learning behavior of 13 institutionalized moderately and severely retarded individuals (14-18... 12/31/1975
Architecture for Autism: Architects Moving in the Right Direction Explores the research on architectural interventions that are beneficial for individuals with autism, such as changing a classroom’s spatial characteristics and acoustics. Concludes that architects... 01/04/2012
Architecture For Autism: Exterior Views A comparative analysis of designing classrooms that have good views, bad views, and limited views, using the design of the Kentish Town School Autistic Resource Base. The architect scaled back the... 04/03/2012
Arranging the Classroom with an Eye (and Ear) to Students with ADHD. Discusses arrangement of the classrooms furnishings, equipment, activity areas, and supplies to address the ADHD student's issues with hyperactivity, impulsivity, distractibility, and... 10/31/2001