Special Education Accomodation

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Special Education. Describes the design of an addition to Ontario's Ross McDonald School for blind, deaf/blind, and visually challenged children. The school includes an elementary school and a residence where high... 12/31/2004
Special Needs Interiors. Profiles special needs interiors in Richmond, Virginia, and Millersville, Maryland. Gentle design and soft colors are featured in these winning projects in the 2010 American School and University... 07/31/2010
Special Needs Sensory Learning from Philly to Kuwait Describes the Overbrook School for the Blind Kappen Aquatic Center in Philadelphia. The activity pool provides fountains, bubbles, currents, color identification, pool side and bottom textures that... 05/31/2012
Special Primary School Complex in the United Kingdom: Booker Park. Profiles the United Kingdom's Booker Park School, a new complex for pre-school and elementary school students with behavioral and learning difficulties. A high degree of flexibility accommodates... 06/30/2008
Special Programs--Special Facilities: A Marriage in Burlington, New Jersey The Burlington County (New Jersey) Special Services School District provides comprehensive services and programs to 700 severely impaired students from the ages of 3 to 21. To provide these students... 02/19/1987
Specialized Facilities. Profiles 15 specialized educational facilities honored for functionality, frugality, design features and balance, ability to inspire learning, and flexibility. These include dining, performing arts,... 10/31/2010
Speech Perception Benefits of FM and Infrared Devices to Children with Hearing Aids in a Typical Classroom Children typically learn in classroom environments that have background noise and reverberation that interfere with accurate speech perception. Amplification technology can enhance the speech... 03/31/2004
St. Coletta School / Michael Graves St. Coletta in Washington, D.C., founded in 1959, is a special education charter which services and educates children with severe or multiple disabilities. The bright colors and simple forms make it... 03/04/2012
Standard of Care for Students with Disabilities. Advises on protection and care of special education students in schools, considering harm that might come to or from them. Obligations of school districts under the Individuals with disabilities... 05/31/2006
Student Placement in Elementary and Secondary Schools and Section 504 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This fact sheet describes provisions under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) that prohibit the discriminatory assignment... 12/31/1997
The Accessible School Universal Design for Educational Settings. This book provides practical reasons for the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for accessibility of school sites, buildings, and educational rooms as well as clear illustrations to aid in... 12/31/1998
The Future Looks Bright for Solihull. Profiles two new British schools in Solihull, both for special needs pupils. The many features for accommodation and sustainability are covered, as are the special teacher and student retreat spaces. 02/28/2007
The Gateway School of New York, New York City. Describes ABA Studio/Andrew Bartle Architects' transformation of a narrow row house into a school for learning-disabled students in New York City. It required substantial renovation and... 01/31/2002
The Gateway Schools. Profiles this New York private school addition. The architects converted the upper two stories of a former parking space into a school designed to engage students with special needs. Hallway alcoves... 06/30/2009
The Harbour School, A Very Special School. Describes this Baltimore school that serves special needs students aged 6 to 21. The private institution is located in a business park, in a newly constructed building designed for conversion to... 12/31/2004
The Perspective of Children and Youth: How Different Stakeholders Identify Architectural Barriers for Inclusion in Schools. Recent inclusive policies are promoting the involvement of individuals with disabilities in identifying barriers that limit their full participation and inclusion in public spaces. The present two... 01/31/2010
The Reece School, New York City. Profiles the new building for this school that teaches children with emotional disorders, learning disabilities, and speech or occupational impairments. The small classrooms emulate the scale of the... 06/30/2007
The Student with a Visual Disability and a Learning Disability. Addresses definition, assessment, intervention, and implications related to educational practices with students who have both learning and visual disabilities. The definitions of the two conditions... 12/31/1996
The Teacher Tutor Room: A Way To Help All Students At-Risk. The Teacher/Tutor Room (TTR) was created by the Special Services staff at Coweeman Junior High School (Kelso, Washington) to provide academic support for their special needs students in the least... 02/08/1996
The Time-Space Continuum: Using Natural Supports in Inclusive Classrooms Encourages teachers to identify existing natural supports to assist students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Natural support categories and strategies include staff member roles,... 12/31/1997
The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts. Profiles Annaheim's Horace C. Mann Elementary School, which integrates medically fragile special education, pre-school, and K-6 students. 02/29/2008
Therapeutic Schoolyard: Design for Children with Autism Needs of children with autism vary from child to child, but they all can benefit from environments that are designed with awareness of challenges and characteristics associated with autism.... 12/31/2011
Title 34--Education; Chapter III–Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Department of Education; Section 304–Removal of Architectural Barriers to Individuals with Disabilities Program Text of regulations 304.1 through 304.61on the removal of architectural barriers to individuals with disabilities. Includes the grant application process for both state and local education agencies. 12/31/1997
U.S. Access Board (Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board) The U.S. Access Board is an independent federal agency whose primary mission is accessibility for people with disabilities. The Access Board website has building and facility design guidelines...
Uncommon Sense. Describes the design of an addition to Ontario's Ross McDonald School for blind, deaf/blind, and visually challenged children. The design features a high degree of customization to accommodate... 01/31/2005