Student Participation in Planning and Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Student-Eye View. Discusses student involvement in school planning, with an emphasis on accessibility and proper furniture sizing. Advice on how to effectively engage students is included. 09/30/2010
A Visioning Process for Designing Responsive Schools. This manual presents guidance for creating a constructive dialogue between school officials and the surrounding community on the design of schools that contribute to enhancing educational quality.... 12/31/2000
A-Z Sketchbook for School Build and Design. Presents a visual guide to the key areas which must be considered when renovating or building a school. The publication is in an hand illustrated cartoon format, with each drawing isolating an issue... 12/31/2005
An Emerging Framework for School Design Based on Children's Voices This paper explores the views and expectations of children regarding their school environments and has constructed a framework for the school design process based on children's information and... 03/31/2012
An On-going Research on Learning and School Buildings in Palestine. Compares drawings by children from two very different school environments. The project investigates how children and teachers in three recently built new schools in different regions of West Bank... 12/31/2009
Artful Instruction. Describes an educational program that involves students in the construction process to help them better understand the entire operation and expose them to new ways of thinking about the structure... 12/31/2000
At That Age, You Just Accept What You Have... Reports on a study of student participation in greening projects at a school board district level, based on two methods: 1) 149 questionnaires completed by administrators, teachers, and parents... 12/31/2003
Best Practices in Learning Space Design: Engaging Users. Proposes that engaging future users in designing learning spaces increases the likelihood that those spaces will accomplish the mission of achieving student learning outcomes. As research on the... 12/31/2008
Changing Spaces: Preparing Students and Teachers for a New Learning Environment Physical settings in schools have a complex relationship to teaching and learning practices. Uncomfortable tensions can result when the intentions of learners and teachers conflict with each other or... 03/31/2012
Children Planning an Ideal Classroom: Environmental Design in an Elementary School. Disscusses the conceptual merging of influence from open education, behavioral psychology, environmental psychology, and architecture into an approach that can be labeled environmental design. In... 04/30/1981
Classroom. NEXT: Engaging Faculty and Students in Learning Space Design. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University undertook a project to find out what a classroom would look like if it were designed by faculty and students—and then... 06/30/2011
Community-Based School Planning: If Not Now, When? Describes a new model of planning and decision-making for school design. Committees are being assembled that are truly representative, including parents, teachers, and students, as well as business... 09/30/2002
Competition Yields Insights. Profiles the American Architectural Foundation's Redesign Your School competition, in which high school students envision their ideal learning environments. Lessons learned, typical design... 12/31/2007
Corridor of Shame Student photographers in South Carolina and Baltimore documented deplorable conditions in their schools, from exposed electrical wires to creeping mold, telling a tale of decay and disrepair, with a... 10/31/2006
Creating Child-Friendly Environments The aim of the article is to discuss the literature on children's participation and to analyse what planning theorists, educators and child researchers can learn from the comparison of case... 12/31/1997
Creating Learning Environments That Work. Examines how Walnut Hills High School's (Cincinnati, OH) new Arts and Science Center was designed to students' and teachers' specifications. Facility assessment and planning are... 04/30/2001
Critical Exposure Critical Exposure is dedicated to building public demand for a quality education for all children through the use of compelling documentary photography and first-person narrative to strengthen...
Denison University Learning Spaces Project: Checklist for Improving Your Learning Spaces. Offers a checklist for assessing and improving learning spaces. The checklist items address gathering stakeholders to discuss ideas, stating the teaching styles intended for the space, reviewing... 12/31/2003
Design as a Catalyst for Learning. This book presents findings of a 1993 study of how design in the curriculum helps students achieve national educational objectives. It also explores opportunities for expanding the role design can... 12/31/1996
Designing for Sports: Children Dive in with Ideas. Profiles a design charrette for students surrounding the construction of a family aquatic center by the Spring Lake (Michigan) Public Schools. Several themes were elaborated by student teams, with... 11/30/2006
Designing Schools for the Future: Pupil Participation in School Design. Presents concepts used by a British research team to involve pupil participation in school design. 10/31/2007
Designing Schools for the Whole Community School buildings should be beautiful and inspirational, raising the spirits of those who use them. This explains how important it is that schools with funding for building work or improvements... 09/30/2003
Designing the Perfect Classroom. Case study of the La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School in Camden, north London, teaming up with a local architectural design practice for a project entitled ‘I designed my school'. The... 12/31/2006
Eco School. The Eco School information pack contains 10 sections outlining specific school areas that can be assessed by students for meeting the needs of all its users, the extent to which they use and abuse... 12/31/1998
Exploring Learning Spaces and Places: The Photo Interview. Presents photographs and comments on spaces offered by students in schools deemed both excellent and inadequate facilities. Desirable features and undesirable features in schools slated for... 12/31/2010