Swimming Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
2011 Facility of Merit Winner: Smith Aquatic & Fitness Center, Buford Middle School Situated on the Charlottesville, Va., campus of Buford Middle School as part of a recreation complex that includes an adjacent Boys & Girls Club, the LEED Platinum Smith Aquatic Center won praise... 10/10/2011
A Clear Vision. Explores the process of keeping pool water safe and healthful through careful planning of filter purchases and replacement. Deciding when filters need replacing, the type of filter required, and... 09/30/2000
A Crash Course in Chlorine. Reviews the history and efficacy of chlorine as a disinfectant, and advises on how to select a pool chlorine product as well as how to evaluate alternatives to chlorine. 09/30/2006
A Drain on Resources? Discusses the high cost of maintaining pools and how some schools are closing theirs, even though interest in competitive swimming is increasing. Cost-saving measures and alternative funding... 07/31/2009
All Hands on Deck. Reviews strategies for organizing swim meets, emphasizing the use of facilities that provide on-deck room for swimmers, with balconies for spectators. Problems with on-deck seating are reviewed, as... 04/30/2007
Annual Checkup. Advocates the closing and draining of indoor aquatic facilities for annual maintenance and suggests seven tasks to be performed during this procedure. 02/29/2004
Auditoriums with Rooms that Turn and Pools with Floors That Move Offer Wise Use of Facilities. Auditoriums that have areas with seats on turntables for easy conversion into classrooms and swimming pools with floors that raise and lower are examples of flexible facilities that offer schools... 07/31/1979
Automated Water Chemistry Control at University of Virginia Pools. Describes the technologically advanced aquatic and fitness center at the University of Virginia. Discusses the imprecise water chemistry control at the former facility and its intensive monitoring... 10/31/1997
Breathe Deeply. Discusses indoor air quality issues related to school gyms, locker rooms, and pools; explores ways to keep the indoor environment healthy. Includes discussions of mold and fungus control as well as... 04/30/2000
Building Blueprints: Natatoriums and Aquatic Facilities. Discusses school aquatic facilities, covering considerations of pool shape and diving, competitive versus community use, support spaces, curriculum-driven location, and additional site concerns. 12/31/2005
Campus Oasis: The University of Texas at Austin, Gregory Gymnasium Aquatic Complex. Profiles this award-winning collegiate athletic facility, selected for its spa-like ambiance, dynamic open spaces, use of materials, and lighting. Photographs and project statistics are included. 04/30/2007
Campus Recreational Sports Facilities: Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines. Covers the planning process from the perspective of the campus master planner and the recreational sport director; the feasibility study process, how to determine whether to build new or renovate... 12/31/2008
Cheyenne Mountain High School Academic Arts Building & Natatorium, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Describes the academic arts and natatorium buildings of the high school named in the title, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the architects, manufacturers/... 04/30/2002
Complying With New Mandatory ADA Standards All state and government construction projects will soon have to bring their projects up to compliance to meet the 2010 Standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act — a requirement that includes... 04/24/2012
Concerned About Costs, Some Schools Pull Plugs From Swimming Pools. Districts around the country are pulling the plug on their swim facilities, especially aging pools that can be extremely costly to maintain and bring up to modern standards. Among the most common... 05/28/2002
Deep Trouble. Discusses how accident prevention can be built into the swimming pool design phase by paying attention to swimming pool regulations, materials for basin and deck construction, pool fixture placement... 04/30/1997
Deep Trouble. Discusses how the safety-related ruling by the National Federation of State High School Associations to eliminate the option of using 18-inch starting platforms in pools less than 4 feet deep may... 07/01/2002
Designing for IAQ in Natatoriums The purpose of this article is to review the literature concerning the effects of disinfectant by-products on indoor swimming pool air quality and to propose practical methods for mitigating their... 03/31/2012
Diagnosing IAQ Problems in Indoor Pools. Offers extensive advice on assessing the interface between the building, airflow, mechanical systems, and pool water chemistry in indoor swimming pools. Typical miscalculations due to high humidity... 04/30/2006
Discovering the Cure for Sick Pool Syndrome. Discusses respiratory hazards from indoor pools and the chloramines they generate. Most HVAC systems are not designed to remove chloramines. However, recent systems specifically designed for indoor... 10/31/2009
Dry Runnings. Advises on humidity control in athletic facilities, with particular attention to natatoriums and ice rinks. HVAC design, vapor barriers, dehumidification, water temperature, and indoor air conditions... 10/31/2007
Facility Planning for Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics. This publication reflects the composite knowledge of many professionals on the topic of the planning and construction of facilities for athletics, physical education, and recreation. The text is... 12/31/1992
Filtration Fundamentals. Examines how choice of commercial swimming pool filtration systems is driven by the project-specific needs of the pools. Also highlighted are definitions of specific terms used when discussing... 11/30/1997
First LEED Platinum Pool Features HVAC Natatorium Design. Case study of Philadelphia's Kappen Aquatic Center at the Overbrook School for the Blind. The energy efficient design saves an estimated 43 percent of the 25,000-square-foot facility's... 03/23/2011
Getting Pool Light Right. Examines the use of lighting, both artificial and natural, that can enhance the aesthetic quality and functionality of areas with indoor swimming pools. It discusses glare and shadow reduction... 02/28/1998