Teacher Workspaces

Title Abstract Publication Date
Redesigning Schools: Architecture and School Restructuring. School architecture should be redesigned to match the vision for overall school restructuring. After explaining the need for improving educational facilities, this document describes the role of... 03/31/1991
Research and Application: Non-Traditional Instructional Space Whether a facility is a traditional or open-space classroom design, there is impact upon learning, behavior and a sense of pride (ownership, belonging, comfort). School size, space and density,... 04/30/1989
Revoicing Classrooms: A Spatial Manifesto Why is the physical learning environment in schools largely ignored by teachers within pedagogical practice? The author contends that the Knowledge Age requires that school, college, and university... 12/31/2003
Road Map for Renovation. Over time, Bellevue, Washington, Public Schools will be able to renovate each of its 27 schools every 20 years. Site-based input for modernization worked in the district's most recent project.... 12/31/1995
School Building Design: Its Relationship to Professional Community, Quality Teaching Practice, and the Pursuit of Higher Standards. Tests the hypothesis that an open-space school building design is positively related to professional community, quality teaching practice, and pursuit of higher standards. A comparative study of two... 12/31/1997
School Buildings: Silent Partners Supporting Education. Whether it's a new school being built or an older one being refurbished, the school building must support the work of the school. And it's up to educators and school architects to make sure... 12/31/2005
School Districts Devising New Ways to Offer Teachers Affordable Housing In a new wave of plans to recruit and retain teachers who say they cannot afford to buy or rent homes in pricey school districts, officials are considering measures that would put affordable housing... 07/31/2006
School Facilities: The Relationship of the Physical Environment to Teacher Professionalism. This study determined the perceptions of 38 state Teachers of the Year (1988) had about how school facilities affected their ability to function as professionals. Data from a 105-item questionnaire... 12/31/1989
Seeking Restorative Experiences: Elementary School Teachers' Choices for Places that Enable Coping with Stress. Explores teacher stress and coping in restorative environments such as home, nature, city places, third places, and church. The findings are drawn from seventy-one survey responses of Chicago... 06/30/2006
Shared Visions? Architects and Teachers Perceptions on the Design of Classroom Environments. Discusses the classroom environment and its effects on the practice of teachers, examining through interviews the relationships between the designed classroom and how teachers use it. The ways in... 12/31/1997
So What's New? A Ten Year Follow-Up Study of Teacher Attitudes and Practices: Imlications for Planners,Administrators and Teachers This article summarizes the results two studies, conducted 10 years apart, assessing teacher attitudes and practices in traditional and open space classrooms. Results show a preference for open space... 12/31/1986
Some Guidelines for Preschool Design Claims that almost none of the preschool design literature bridges the interest and technical concern of architects and teachers. Offers design suggestions for classrooms, outdoor spaces, shared... 04/30/1996
Space Matters: The A+ Schools Program and the ABCs of Education. This looks at the need to include the design of school buildings and other physical aspects of the learning environment when attempting to transform pedagogy and make other systemic reforms. The... 03/31/2002
Tapping into Technology. Describes Richmond, Virginia's Deep Run High School, which took design cues from nearby high tech office buildings and features adjacent teaching spaces for different subject areas, reflecting... 12/31/2004
Teacher Interactions within the Physical Environment: How Teachers Alter Their Space and/or Routines Because of Classroom Character. Through questionnaires, observations, and interviews, this study revealed the degree to which 31 high school teachers altered their classroom spaces and/or adjusted their routines to meet their... 12/31/2001
Teacher Workspaces. This paper addresses the key elements found in well-designed teachers' workspaces, including both classroom- and office-based workspaces; and highlights important development principles when... 09/30/2010
Teacher Workspaces. The days of every teacher having his or her own classroom are gone. Teachers must have their own spaces in which to work when they are not teaching in the classroom. This discusses location,... 09/30/2001
Teacher's Construction and Use of Space. Describes how school architectural design plays a role as a context of teachers' work in high schools. The paper explores school architectural design supports or constrains teachers'... 12/31/2003
Teachers as Placemakers: Investigating Teachers' Use of the Physical Learning Environment in Instructional Design. This paper summarizes research conducted to assess how and to what extent teachers actively use and manipulate the physical classroom learning environment as part of their instructional design. A... 12/31/2001
Teachers' Construction and Use of Space. Describes the influence of school architectural design on teachers' work by examining how teachers actually use their work environment, how their use of the facility compares with expectations... 12/31/2001
Teachers' Construction of Space and Place: the Method in the Madness. Presents the results of a study within two northern California high schools that examined how different teachers modified their traditional classrooms. Constraints placed on non-traditional teaching... 12/31/2003
The Design of Educational Environments: An Expression of Individual Differences or Evidence of the Press toward Synomorphy? Research findings demonstrate that the way the classroom environment is arranged can have important consequences on the attitudes, behavior, and achievement of students. The concept of synomorphy is... 02/28/1982
The Effects of Teacher Involvement on the Planning of Secondary Schools. Explores the effects of teacher involvement in the planning of new secondary schools. The study found that the more teachers were involved in planning the new school, the more positive their attitude... 04/30/1994
The Impact of Lecture Theatre Design on Learning Experience. Investigates the impact of lecture facilities on the student learning experience by examining student responses to three lecture halls. Students were invited to rate the importance of 16 lecture... 12/31/1998
The Interface Between Educational Facilities and Learning Climate in Three Elementary Schools Research was conducted on three campuses during spring, 1989. Results of the study provided the following insights into the six components of the research question. (1) Building age, when considered... 12/31/1989