Teacher Workspaces

Title Abstract Publication Date
The School Design Process: An Opportunity for Change? Reports on a study to determine if involving teachers in the design process for school facilities would result in a commitment to change by the whole faculty. In one rural Minnesota school district a... 08/22/2001
The Valuation of Intangibles: Explored Through Primary School Design. Investigates the impact of good design on improved pupil supervision, increased attendance, better well-being, enhanced educational attainment, flexibility of teaching spaces, and other intangible... 12/31/2005
Trading Spaces: The Faculty Office in Cross-Cultural Perspective The faculty office is the most familiar of institutional workplaces. In this article the author, having taught in five countries other than the United States describes how faculty offices are... 12/31/2003
Trailer Classrooms Suprisingly Popular For many parents, nothing in public education elicits as much scorn as a portable classroom. There are concerns about lack of bathrooms, long treks to the main building, small windows, bad air and... 02/14/2000
University of Melbourne Teaching Space Design Guidelines. Presents this institution's teaching space guidelines covering different types of teaching spaces and the environment within them; physical access and movement; electrical, lighting, and... 08/31/1999
Visions: Involving Teachers as Process Partners for Facility Planning. Suggests teachers be involved in educational school facility planning efforts in order to fulfill educational program needs. The creation or vision process for facilities planning includes the... 12/31/1995