Technology Integration--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
10 Trends to Watch in Campus Technology. College and university presidents are increasingly called upon to make informed choices about technology. The rapidly shifting landscape makes it tough to keep up with change and innovation, let... 12/31/2006
10 Ways To Take the Fear out of E-Learning. Suggests 10 steps to alleviate faculty's fears of incorporating online learning: make e-learning as easy as possible, let faculty learn at their own pace, focus faculty training efforts, provide... 01/31/2003
2009 Energy Efficient IT Report: The Power of Prioritization. Surveys 752 IT professionals in U.S. organizations to study marketplace attitudes toward energy efficient IT, barriers to its adoption and what differentiates successful implementations. Detailed... 08/30/2009
2010 Energy Efficient IT Report. Presents documents from the third annual Energy-Efficient IT report by CDW-G finding that three-fourths of IT professionals are working to increase energy efficiency in their organizations. The... 12/31/2009
A Bigger and Better Computer Complex. Profiles Temple University's new technology center, which draws large numbers of students, even though they typically have desktops and laptops elsewhere. The state-of- the-art equipment,... 04/13/2006
A Lesson in Technology. Professors and students in the health professions program at Central Michigan University are using state-of-the-art technology in their recently completed building to find new ways of teaching and... 02/26/2005
A Model for IT Policy Development. Describes the University of Kansas' information technology (IT) policy development process as a model for other institutions' IT policy development. The policy involves seven dimensions:... 12/31/2002
A Quest for Bandwidth. Describes how Portland State University brought broadband into its older residence halls using Long-Reach Ethernet, a technology that delivers high bandwidth across the unconditioned telephone-grade... 06/30/2002
A Space to Collaborate. Profiles new three new university libraries to illustrate the trend toward providing numerous configurations of technology-rich collaborative spaces. 10/31/2009
ABCs of Smart Classrooms. Describes issues involved when converting traditional classrooms into smart classrooms that include appropriate educational technology. Highlights include faculty training in advance; flexibility;... 08/31/2002
Academic Libraries as High-Tech Gateways: A Guide to Design & Space Decisions. Second Edition. This book provides tools that can be used for planning and building an academic library space that streamlines access to information. The book explains how to incorporate the latest innovations in... 12/31/2000
Accommodating Students' Learning Styles. Describes some learning tools that are being used in college classrooms to accommodate various learning styles. They include amplification systems, video systems, and whiteboards. 02/28/2003
Accommodating, Information, Communication, Education. A Symposium Held at the Royal Institute of British Architects (May 6, 1999). This report presents participant presentations and case studies from the 1999 symposium, Accommodating, Information, Communication, Education. Presentations are as follows: Taking the Open University... 05/05/1999
Aces of Space. Profiles four schools that use technology, new design concepts, and flexible furnishings to reinvent their teaching spaces. Curved rooms, interconnected and networked electronic wall displays,... 05/31/2011
An Assessment of the Effectiveness of E-Learning on University Space Planning and Design The emergence of newly adopted metaphors such as “virtual university”, “networked campus” and “e-university” may have an impact on a university's modus operandi in the twenty-first century. In... 12/31/2003
APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers An international association which maintains, protects, and promotes the quality of educational facilities. APPA serves and assists facilities officers and physical plant administrators, conducts...
Architectural Design Trends in Higher Education Wireless technology and distance learning continues to evolutionize higher-education classroom design and it is critical to bring in the AV consultants early in the process, including the master... 01/16/2007
Are iPhones and iPod Touches the Next Must-Have Campus Technologies? Describes how some higher education institutions have integrated iPhone and iPod Touch use into curriculum, as well as the provision of campus directory, map, and event information. 09/30/2008
Are We Covered? Discusses the increasing demand for wireless coverage on higher education campuses, with students and faculty now expecting coverage to the entire campus, and institutions scrambling to extend... 01/31/2008
Audiovisual Technology and Sustainable Design. Advises on environmentally conscious audiovisual technology installations, including plasma and LCD screens which save energy and can be viewed in daylit rooms, use of lead-free or recycled content,... 05/31/2007
AV Technology in Higher Education Overview of the role that AV plays in the Higher Education industry based on surveys and one-on-one interviews. The report identifies product and service purchasing trends by school type, size, goals... 10/31/2005
Balancing the Freedom to Connect with the Mandate to Protect. Describes steps taken at Arizona State University to maintain an accessible computer network while reducing the extraordinary numbers of security breaches being experienced. This involved securing a... 10/31/2005
Big-Picture AV Planning. Discusses the incorporation of audiovisual technology into new teaching facilities, detailing elements of connectivity, capacity, conveyance, display, environment, and ease of operation that should... 04/30/2006
Bringing Technology to the Classroom. Discusses integration of instructional technology at The George Washington University. This includes computer laboratories, technology built in to the facility, as well as that which can be borrowed... 12/31/2006
Building Blueprints: A Clear View of Technology. Describes the design of the technology center at Laney College in Oakland, California, which was renovated from a welding shop. The building, which illustrates a transparency theme, houses the... 04/30/2002