Technology Integration, K-12 1990-2007

Title Abstract Publication Date
A New School of Thought Discusses the changes in today's schools resulting from the growth of information technology and community needs. How some school districts are responding to the technological retrofit issue and... 08/31/1998
A Retrospective on Twenty Years of Education Technology Policy. This paper provides an overview and analysis of twenty years of key policy reports addressing the challenges and opportunities involved in integrating technology into K-12 education in the U.S. The... 09/30/2003
A Secure Balance. Describes procedures to improve information technology systems security, focusing on meta-directories for centralized access control. Advice on selecting the right meta-directory software solution is... 01/31/2006
A Solid Foundation. Describes a variety of local, wide area, and personal wiring options that should be considered when planning a new or renovated facility. Adequate space for services and cabling, as well as... 02/29/2004
Accessing the Internet Via Satellite. Discusses the use of satellite technology as an option for public schools to access the Internet. Costs and available technology are examined. Two examples of school satellite usage are presented,... 05/31/1998
Acquisition Alternatives for Keeping Up with Technology. Explains methods of financing or leasing technology acquisitions that create flexibility in meeting technology needs and payments that are spread out over the life of the equipment. 10/31/2004
All in One and One in All. Offers suggestions on the selection of office equipment and support systems for schools, including multifunctional products that incorporate equipment and applications to better coordinate office... 02/28/2002
An Emerging New World. Discusses the convergence of data, voice, and video over internet protocol (IP). The implications for hardware and energy savings in schools is covered, as is the struggle between traditional... 04/30/2006
Arizona's Application Service Provider. Describes the U.S.'s first statewide K-12 application service provider (ASP). The ASP, implemented by the Arizona School Facilities Board, provides access to productivity, communications, and... 03/31/2002
Arizona's Long, Good Buy. Discusses the technology shopping spree that Arizona educators are conducting thanks to a $50 million budgeting allowance from the state's legislature to reduce the student-to-computer ratios.... 09/30/2000
Audiovisual Makes the Grade. Describes state-of-the-art audiovisual technologies currently available for classroom enhancement. These include networked controls, UTP cabling, and image window devices. 07/31/2005
Bridging the Digital Divide. Reviews technology-rich schools being built in some of the United Kingdom's most deprived areas. These were prioritized for funding to the typically disadvantaged state of the students. 02/28/2007
Broadband Comes to the Schoolroom. Describes how high-bandwidth networks are delivering new educational and administrative opportunities for K-12 school districts. Addresses implementing the new network, upgrading to a switched... 04/30/2002
Building Better Cost-Effective Schools. Discusses how schools can effectively plan ahead for the rapid advancement of technology through use of wireless technology. Describes its flexibility and savings, and planning and design issues. 02/28/2003
Buying Advanced Telecommunications Systems. Examines the integration of basic school communications needs into single systems that allow for a growth path into the Internet and sophisticated media retrieval. Descriptions and benefits of these... 06/30/1998
Cable Installation Guide. This includes detailed directions for running cables from a central point to schoolrooms, then, in order to make the schoolrooms connect, mounting wall jacks and wiring the schoolroom ends of the... 12/31/2004
Cabling Pathway Solutions for Information Technology When planning a school-technology upgrade, a primary concern is flexibility. A building's cabling pathways must be able to be easily upgraded, reconfigured, and relocated. While a flexible wire... 06/30/1999
Choosing the Right Integrator for Your Building Automation Project. Examines the prevailing definitions and responsibilities of product, network, and system integrators for building automation systems; offers a novel approach to system integration; and sets realistic... 04/30/2002
Clicks, Bricks and Spondulicks. Summarizes the results of this March 2003 conference, which investigated the relationship between information technology and school facilities. Issues explored included 1) the difference in life... 02/28/2003
Clicks, Bricks and Spondulicks. Summarizes the results of this March 2003 conference, which investigated the relationship between information technology and school facilities. Issues explored included 1) the difference in life... 02/28/2003
Communication Technology Enhances a Magnet School. Explains how a Web-based management tool helped Foothill Technology High School successfully solve its school management and communication needs to keep parents in touch with their children's... 09/30/2001
Computer Labs: Here to Stay? Describes situations in which a computer laboratory is preferable to technology distributed to classrooms, particularly when the classroom cannot provide a one-on-one computer to student ratio.... 09/30/2006
Computing Made Practical for K-12 Schools. Advocates the use of thin-client to zero-client systems to minimize hardware costs and centralize data service in one place for the entire school or school district. Thin-client systems offer... 09/30/2010
Creating Connections. Briefly recounts the history of computers in classrooms and describes how classroom technology has made learning more personal, can help build student confidence, and has increased communication... 10/31/2005
Cut Costs with Thin Client Computing. Discusses how school districts can considerably increase the number of administrative computers in their districts without a corresponding increase in costs by using the Thin Client component of the... 04/30/2001