Technology--Wireless Networks

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Guide to Networking a K-12 School District. Provides a step-by-step approach for teachers, technical coordinators, and administrators on how to network a school or school district. Includes information on many related topics, including... 12/31/1995
A Guide to Networking for K-12 Schools. The purpose of this guide is to provide basic networking information and planning assistance for technology coordinators and others involved in building networks for K-12 schools. The information in... 12/31/1996
A School Connectivity Primer Overview of Internet connectivity describing various networking options. Technologies discussed include the Ethernet, the most widely used technology to connect computers in school buildings;... 03/31/2000
A Sense of Security. Reviews features of sophisticated campus access systems, including wireless systems that avoid expensive drilling at installation, supplementation of card access with video and biometric systems, and... 01/31/2008
A Sensible Approach to Wireless Networking. Discusses radio frequency (R.F.) wireless technology, including industry standards, range (coverage) and throughput (data rate), wireless compared to wired networks, and considerations before... 10/31/2002
Alvord Schools Network Access Control to Improve Security. Describes how this California school system used bond funding to place their 20 schools on a single access control network, replacing most keys with access cards and traditional locks with wireless... 09/30/2008
Are We Covered? Discusses the increasing demand for wireless coverage on higher education campuses, with students and faculty now expecting coverage to the entire campus, and institutions scrambling to extend... 01/31/2008
Building a School District's Wide Area Network Describes the development of a wide area network (WAN) in the Bismarck Public School District (North Dakota). Topics include design goals, network infrastructure, implementing library access, sharing... 03/31/1996
Buying Time. Discusses features of sports arenas that can help spectators feel more connected to the event. These included center-hung scoreboards; full-range sound delivered to all seating areas, the concourses... 10/31/2008
Campuses Expanding Wireless Coverage As wireless networks rapidly gain traction on college campuses, more and more administrators are looking to expand their access points, upgrade to faster standards, and entice more students to use... 12/31/2005
Can You Hear Me Now? Discusses the advantage of upgrading campus telecommunications to wireless. The installation is less invasive than traditional cabling, and the host campus can generally revenue from the use of the... 09/30/2004
Case Study: Diablo Valley College Goes Wireless to Integrate with Network Security. Profiles this institution's use of wireless locks to retrofit an older building for increased access control. Proximity card access and a key override are featured. 01/31/2009
Center Stage. The Latest in Scoreboards and Sports Lighting. Discusses wireless and LED technology taking the scoreboard industry by storm, and the latest trends in sports lighting. Includes key steps to selecting a scoreboard. 09/30/2011
Certified Wireless Network Professional Certified Wireless Network Professional is a non-profit educational trade association comprised of leaders and technology innovators in the local area wireless technology industry. WLANA provides a...
Choosing School Control Panel Features: Simple as A, B, C. Examines fire alarm technology at two typical schools. The first is a single-story elementary school, the second a college branch campus with three buildings. Wireless technology, networked panels,... 06/30/2010
Classroom of the Future. Presents a video tour of a classroom of the future, featuring multiple display screens, flexible furnishings, ample size that allows for circulation, a mobile teacher workstation, abundant power... 12/31/2007
Clicks and Bricks: How School Buildings Influence Future Practice and Technology Adoption. Describes six specialized school spaces that encourage digital learning and customized learning. These are secret, group, publishing, performing, participation and watching spaces. 12/31/2010
CMMS: Going Mobile. Reviews the use of wireless devices in facilities management that can hold more data, create electronic forms, produce reports, access the Internet, and synchronize with other hardware. Advice on... 06/30/2009
Creating a Smart Classroom from Scratch. Describes new classrooms set up at South College in Knoxville, Tennessee, with new technology equipment, tools and software, including secure wireless Internet access, lecture capture software,... 05/03/2011
Creating Common Knowledge: School Networking in an Urban Setting. Discussion of the use of wide area computer networks to facilitate community-building and educational reform in elementary-secondary education focuses on a project in Pittsburgh called Common... 12/31/1996
Critical Communications. Discusses classroom-to-administration communication systems that will be effective in a variety of emergencies. Intercom systems are preferred over telephones, as they are louder and more quickly... 05/31/2010
Cut the Wires, Cut the Cost. [Wireless BAS Systems Grow Up.] Discusses the advantages of wireless building automation systems, which avoid the disruption and expense of cabling, conduit, or other infrastructures. Both proprietary and more open standards- based... 07/31/2009
Designing Collaborative Learning Spaces Where Material Culture Meets Mobile Writing Processes. Discusses how a combination of movable furniture and mobile technology, including wireless access and laptops, can enhance student collaboration in group-based writing assignments. The lab included... 08/31/2009
Digital Living on Campus. Advises planners of college housing on the technological expectations of occupants, planning for evolving technology, the hardware that students typically own, and off-campus housing amenities that... 01/31/2008
Door Hardware Goes Hi-Tech. Reviews the current generation of door hardware technology, with a variety of computerized features that are now largely available in a wireless mode. Advice on training front-line technicians is... 11/30/2009