Thermal Comfort

Title Abstract Publication Date
Ventilation of School Buildings (Building Bulletin 101). Provides the regulatory framework in support of the United Kingdom's building regulations for the adequate provision of ventilation in schools. These guidelines consider the design of school... 06/30/2006
Walls, Ceilings, and Learning. Discusses the role of prevention of water intrusion into the school building envelope, ceiling tile selection, and insulation in creating a healthy, quite, and comfortable learning environment. 06/30/2010
Water and Air: The Right Mix Controlling humidity in building spaces once was limited to specific areas such as computer rooms, where air that was too moist could corrode electrical contacts and air that was too dry could result... 12/31/2000
Will Future Low-carbon Schools in the UK Have an Overheating Problem? Meeting thermal comfort and internal air quality standards for schools can be difficult for buildings that, traditionally in the UK, have not used mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning. With a... 03/31/2008
Window Film to the Rescue! Describes the benefits of window film that can limit solar heat gain, glare, and deterioration of furnishings from ultraviolet radiation. Minimal shattering protection is also obtained when these... 05/31/2005
Window Opening Behaviour in a Naturally Ventilated School. Reports on a post occupancy assessment of a new primary school was performed over a period of over one year. Concurrent measurement of window open state, CO2 concentration, temperature, and exterior... 12/31/2009
Winter Indoor Air Quality, Thermal Comfort and Acoustic Performance of Newly Built Secondary Schools in England. Previous studies have found that classrooms are often inadequately ventilated, with the resultant increased risk of negative impacts on the pupils. This paper describes a series of field measurements... 06/30/2009