Water Conservation

Title Abstract Publication Date
Green School Design. Uses the Michael J. Homer Science and Live Center at Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton, Califonia, as an example of early and high attainment in the LEED certification scheme. The LEED Platinum-rated... 03/31/2010
Greener Pastures. Briefly reviews energy saving and generating strategies,including daylighting, water conservation and recycling strategies, geothermal HVAC sytesm, and wind and solar energy. 08/31/2007
Hold the Water. Describes the amount of water that urinals typically use, and then cites water savings that can be realized with waterless urinals in schools. Advice on choosing and maintaining waterless units is... 01/31/2006
It's Not Easy Being Green. Describes ways to recommission existing higher education buildings for energy and water savings. 03/31/2008
LEED Makes the Case for Water Efficiency. Discusses the use of LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) guidelines to implement water saving in buildings. LEED-EBOM requires a 20 percent reduction of water for... 10/31/2010
Making Waterless Work The University of Southern Maine's investigation and installation of waterless urinals reveals both benefits and challenges. Driven by concerns over the rising costs of water and sewer utilities... 01/31/2005
Maximize Your Water Use, Minimize Your Chemical Applications. Outlines components and scheduling for a turf irrigation system and program, emphasizing precision irrigation to safe water and reduce chemical use. 03/31/2006
Medina School Celebrates Cycles of Nature, Learning. Profiles the St. Thomas School in Medina, Washington. The LEED Gold private K-6 school features areas where boundaries between learning and play do not exist at the early grades. The school is daylit... 08/19/2009
Mountain Range High School. Profiles this Colorado low-energy use school that boasts an 80% reduction in potable water consumption by irrigating with reclaimed water provided by the city. Building statistics, a list of the... 02/28/2007
National Best Practices Manual for Building High Performance Schools. This guide was developed specifically for architects and engineers who are responsible for designing or retrofitting schools, and for the project managers who work with the design teams. The design... 06/30/2002
Necessary Upgrades. Discusses water-saving restroom upgrades for existing campus facilities. Water-saving toilets and urinals are recommended for first consideration, and advice on earning LEED points for these upgrades... 07/31/2008
New-generation Maintenance Issues The plumbing industry is responding to changing priorities in facilities by producing fixtures that use less water and, as a result, produce less waste. But because these fixtures use technology... 05/31/2006
Northeast-CHPS Operations and Maintenance Guide. Advises on a wide range of topics from energy and water efficiency in a school, to incorporating renewable energy systems, as well as technologies for improved school indoor environmental quality.... 03/31/2010
Outside of the Mainstream Waterless urinals, specified and installed strategically, can offer managers an alternative that can ease facility water use and maintenance needs. This article reviews the benefits and drawbacks of... 01/31/2004
Palm Beach Schools Committed to Saving Water and Labor with Waterfree Urinals In 2004, the Palm Beach School District made the formal decision to install water free urinals in all new middle and high schools. The district is also systematically replacing any older model urinal... 04/22/2007
Performance Contract Saves Energy and Money. Uses the Metro Nashville Public Schools' experience with an energy performance contract to illustrate savings realized in energy and water usage through updated fixtures and equipment. The... 04/30/2009
Plumb Fittings. Discusses the electronic retrofitting of educational facilities plumbing systems. Some advantages of an electronic plumbing retrofit are cost, hygiene, water conservation, and meeting Americans with... 04/30/1996
Plumbing Retrofits: Measure of Success. Describes various methods of auditing a facility's water use, quantifies the benefits of water savings, and describes a number of water-conserving plumbing fixtures. 10/31/2010
Plumbing: Retrofits That Pay. Provides a step-by-step strategy for making decisions on choice and effectiveness of retrofits to a school''s water-use systems. 07/31/2010
Plumbing: Rewarding Retrofits. Describes conversion to water-saving plumbing fixtures at the University of Georgia, as well as attention to water use in cooling towers and research buildings. A saving of 90 million gallons of... 10/31/2009
Plumbing: The Repair-Replace Decision. Advises on identifying reasons for excessive wear on plumbing fixtures and funding replacement systems. 03/31/2008
Preventing Water Woes A building's exterior should look good, and it should keep the exterior environment out while providing a healthy, comfortable interior environment for occupants. This article takes a closer... 05/31/2004
Public Health Worries Shape Restroom Choices Facility executives can turn to improved technology and a wider array of options to address costs and water efficiency as well as hygiene concerns. This discusses innovations in restroom fixture and... 10/31/2004
Putting Waterless to Work. Describes three current designs for waterless urinals, how they are installed in existing restrooms, maintenance and cleaning of the units, and training of custodial staff to work with them. 12/31/2008
Quality Counts. Reviews nationwide efforts to reduce energy and water consumption at schools, and briefly profiles water-saving strategies for restrooms including efficient toilets, showers, and lavatories. 05/31/2008