Water Conservation

Title Abstract Publication Date
Uncovering Hidden Water Efficiency. [Mechanical Systems: Targeting Water Efficiency.] Confronts continued water inefficiency by suggesting a number of steps to curtail water use by mechanical systems, i particular, boilers and water heaters, without disrupting operations. Author calls... 06/30/2011
Wake Schools Adopt New Water Conservation Measures. Describes Wake County Schools (North Carolina) actions to adhere to Gov. Mike Easley's request to conserve water. 08/19/2002
Want to Turn Off the Tap on Water Waste? These Programs Can Help. Advises on use of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense label to select products that save water. Case studies are included. 02/28/2010
Waste Not, Want Not A conservation program is credited with saving schools $9 million in Portland, Oregon, over the last eight years. Effective retrofits include a computerized energy-management system, new lighting,... 12/31/1998
Waste Not. Advises on water savings and hygiene in school bathrooms. Choices in toilet types and hand-drying equipment are addressed. 02/28/2010
Water Conservation at Work. Presents a checklist to help facility managers evaluate the appropriateness of various water-saving adjustments. Specific suggestions for kitchens, pools, HVAC, cleaning, maintenance, and grounds are... 12/31/2003
Water Conservation Checklist: Schools/Education Facilities. Every Drop Counts. This describes numerous steps that schools can take to implement a successful water conservation program, including initiating a school-wide conservation campaign, identifying water usage and repair... 07/31/2002
Water Conservation Focus of Grounds Department's Efforts Describes how the California Institute of Technology grounds department installed a weather station and a computerized irrigation system. The control system applies the least amount of water... 09/30/2011
Water Conservation for Your Landscaping. Discusses incorporation of landscape management into building operation plans, illustrated by examples of conservation techniques using low-water plantings, turf area reduction, mulching in place,... 11/30/2009
Water Conservation Ideas for Schools and Colleges. Present general water conservation ideas for schools, as well as suggestion for specific areas such as kitchens, pools, and grounds. 12/31/2005
Water Conservation Rules Spreading Federal, state and local requirements are helping to drive use of water-efficient technologies. This provides an overview of technologies and practices that can curb water consumption, including... 03/31/2005
Water Conservation Tips and Information, Relating to the Construction and Maintenance of Public Schools in North Carolina. Offers water conservation tips for school kitchens, athletic fields, and restrooms. 12/31/2007
Water Conservation Tips for Schools. Schools use a tremendous amount of water everyday, and require water for their heating and cooling systems, restrooms, drinking water faucets, locker rooms, cafeteria, laboratories, and outdoor... 12/31/2001
Water Conservation. Presents a brief list of water conservation methods for schools. 12/31/2009
Water Efficiency and Management in Schools, Colleges, and Athletic Facilities. The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Water Management program has produced surveys and water efficiency plans for almost a dozen schools and athletic... 12/31/2002
Water Efficiency Measures on School Campuses: A Case Study. Profiles George Washington University's Square 80, a sustainable outdoor plaza. Rainwater harvesting, native plants, pervious pavement, roof water collection, cisterns, and biofiltration... 09/20/2010
Water Environment Federation WEF is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization for preserving and enhancing the global water environment. The website's section on water quality news and resources includes hot...
Water Quality Funding Sources. Provides detail on 65 potential funding resources to help school and child care facilities implement drinking water quality programs. The guide includes information on the funding priorities, grant-... 09/30/2006
Water Resources. Presents water conservation steps for schools wishing to qualify as a Green School under the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources system. Identifies current water use practices in schools, and... 12/31/2009
Water Systems on School Grounds This is a list of resources providing information about water systems on school grounds, including watershed projects, water recycling, constructed wetlands, storm drains, etc. There is also a list... 12/31/2005
Water Use in Buildings: Achieving Business Performance Benefits through Efficiency. This report reviews the role of water efficiency in buildings, including the following topics: involvement and importance of water efficiency, business benefits of water-efficient practices and... 05/31/2009
Water Ways. Discusses water saving fixtures for school restrooms. Government definitions of efficiency and potential savings are discussed, and tables assist in providing baseline comparisons of regular, ultra-... 05/31/2007
Water Wise: Retrofit and Save. Describes the plumbing retrofit in a San Antonio school district that saved thousands of dollards in annual water costs through rebates and water savings. Staging the rplacements and maintaining the... 12/31/2009
Water, Water Everywhere. Conserving water can save the school district money. Here is the latest in water conservation toilets, urinals, faucets, and shower systems. 02/28/1998
Water, Water Everywhere. Discusses techniques for keeping water out of school buildings. Air spaces between exterior and interior walls, weep holes in the masonry, and waterproofing applications are described, as are new... 06/30/2007