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Title Abstract Publication Date
A Brave New Campus--Marysville Getchell High School Campus 2011 MacConnell Award Winner. Extensive case study of award winning high school outside Seattle, Washington that redefines high school education. Discusses communities of learners, taking chances, starting with the learner, being... 11/30/2011
A Brave New World. Discusses the latest audiovisual technology available for classrooms, their typical costs, compatibility of the various components, and adoption and training possibilities for various devices. 06/30/2007
A Breakthrough Approach to Safety and Regulatory Compliance. Describes Public-SchoolWORKS, an integrated safety and compliance management system developed by several southwestern Ohio school districts. The web-based system combines software to implement and... 05/31/2004
A Bridge Over Troubled Water: Facility Needs for Inclusive Classrooms Based on the premise that no student is disabled, the authors of this article on inclusive classrooms call for universal design in schools that meets the needs of ALL students, each of whom possesses... 08/31/1993
A Brief Review of School Typologies in Italy: Specific Vulnerability and Possible Strategies for Seismic Retrofitting. Outlines the four main distributive typologies of school buildings in Italy, which are strongly characterized by their periods of construction: stand-alone masonry buildings, reinforced concrete... 12/31/2003
A Bright Spot on a Lackluster Year: Green Trends Point to Rosier Outlook for Educational Facilities in 2010. Describes trends in green school construction, including display of energy consumption in the school, energy labeling, Building Information Modeling (BIM), campus-style schools uniting services and... 03/31/2010
A Brighter Future for LED's. Describes progres in LED (light-emitting diode) illumination. These fixtures consume far less energy and last longer, but are still relatively expensive to produce and produce mixed results in... 10/31/2006
A Budget Deferred. Presents survey data on school maintenance and operations (M & O) budgets that show school districts nationwide are allocating, for the second year in a row, a smaller proportion of their budgets... 03/31/1999
A Bug's Life. Explains the use of integrated pest management (IPM) to help make schools safer and provide a healthier environment for students and staff. Cost considerations when implementing an IPM are discussed... 01/31/1999
A Building Development Plan at Laval University, Quebec. Describes three projects under construction at the University of Laval: the Wood Processing Center; The Optics, Photonics and Laser Center; and Ferdinand-Vandry Hall for the teaching of health... 01/31/2004
A Building Lovely as a Tree. Article provides detailed description of new Center for the Environment at Catawba Collge in Salisbury, NC. The 21,000-square-foot, three-story building was designed to be sustainably constructed.... 09/08/2002
A Building Need. The lack of facilities financing leaves charter schools competing with traditional public schools on an uneven playing field. Charter school leaders often spend significant time trying to secure... 03/31/2004
A Call for Change. Profiles the San Francisco Waldorf School facility, a remodeled call center that has achieved LEED Gold certification due to high recycled building content, daylighting, water-saving fixtures,... 12/31/2007
A Call for Preservation. Explores how saving historic educational facilities can enhance a school's status as a community focal point. 10/31/2002
A Call to Arms. How to Select the Best Arm Type and Functionality for Door Closers. Discusses the arm component of door closers, describing the features and proper specification of standard, dead stop, hold open, specialty, and track arms. 04/30/2009
A Campus of Neighborhoods and Paths. Publishes North Carolina State University Physical Master Plan of 2007. The report covers the underlying philosophy guiding the study, the capital improvement plan with space needs analysis, the 10-... 09/30/2007
A Cancer Risk Assessment of Inner-City Teenagers Living in New York City and Los Angeles. Presents the results of a study of forty-six high school students in New York City and and forty-one in Los Angles in 1999 and 2000. The students wore backpacks equipped with air monitors that... 06/14/2006
A Capital-Financing Plan for School Systems and Local Government A capital-financing plan helps district leaders find a balance between funding operating and capital needs. Plan helps prioritize capital needs, obtain design work, and begin construction on a... 12/31/2011
A Case for Sustainability. Advocates sustainable school design in spite of budget cuts, as green schools have lower operating costs. A short list of integrated sustainable features is included. 03/31/2011
A Case for Underground Schools. The underground school offers several advantages. Preliminary studies in Oklahoma have shown that these schools perform exceptionally well as learning environments. The lack of noise and distractions... 12/31/1978
A Case Study in Acoustical Design Addresses concerns of both facilities planners and instructional designers in planning for the audio component of group presentations. Factors in the architectural design of enclosures for the... 12/31/1991
A Case Study in Master Planning the Learning Landscape: Hub Concepts for the University at Buffalo. Describes concepts for three types of learning spaces that grew out of a learning landscape planning process. The process was part of a master plan study for the three campuses of the University at... 12/31/2008
A Case Study of Daylighting: How Four Different Strategies Were Evaluated at Andrew H. Wilson Elementary School. Illustrates how four different daylighting strategies were evaluated and implemented in the restoration of Andrew H. Wilson Elementary School, which was significantly damaged in 2005 by Hurricane... 12/31/2008
A Case Study of Environmental, Health and Safety Issues Involving the Burlington, Massachusetts Public School System. Tips, Suggestions, and Resources for Investigating and Resolving EHS Issues in Schools An investigation was initiated concerning the environmental health within the Burlington, Massachusetts public school system to determine what specific environmental hazards were present and... 12/31/1997
A Case Study--The Gaenslen School in Milwaukee Faced with the challenge of replacing a Milwaukee (Wisconsin) school for the physically handicapped, a new facility was designed to accommodate a substantial number of exceptional and regular... 12/31/1992