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Title Abstract Publication Date
A Celebration of Infrastructure. Profiles the University of Cincinnati's Power center, a striking architectural creation housing utilitarian infrastructure. The planning, engineering, and design processes are described. 10/31/2006
A Center for All. Describes the building of Princeton University's $42 million Frist Student Center, which incorporates the original physics building, Palmer Hall, and a new addition. Provides information on the... 04/30/2002
A Century of Progress. Describes how public education has changed over the past 100 years. Developments in equal education, technology implementation, school neglect and decay, and mainstreaming are discussed as are... 11/30/1999
A Chance to Change Codes. Laments the negative effect of some state codes on innovative school design, and proposes participation in an upcoming conference to help resolve the problem. 01/31/2008
A Checklist for Meeting Green Goals. Offers an annotated checklist for working with suppliers to meet requirements for green facilities operations and maintenance. Areas covered are green supply chain protocols and product selection,... 06/30/2010
A Checklist for Safe Schools School buildings ideally would have few exterior access points, no isolated hallways, and sunlit classrooms. A safety checklist recommends locating offices near main doors, monitoring hallway traffic... 02/29/2000
A Citizen's Action Guide, National Symposium on School Design: Schools as Centers of Community. This draft publication outlines a strategy for creating community schools. It addresses how community schools can help meet some challenges of creating learning environments, and outlines a process... 10/04/1998
A City and School District United. Describes the current cooperation between Seattle Public Schools and the city of Seattle, the troubled relationship that previously existed, and the benefits they both currently enjoyed. 09/30/2004
A Civic Lesson Describes the expansion process and design of the St. Alcuin Montessori School of Dallas, Texas, which preserved the Montessori educational philosophy while adding a civic scale to the enlarged... 12/31/1996
A Classroom Acoustic Model to Evaluate Prescriptive Options to Meet a Performance Standard A standard to prescribe the acoustical performance of classroom spaces is now under development. As drafted, the standard will contain performance requirements, and many members of the working group... 05/31/2000
A Classroom's Size Determines Its Capacity. Reviews the evolution in classroom capacity as educational programming has changed and offers a contemporary formula for determining a classroom's capacity based on its size and the furnishings... 11/30/2007
A Clean Bill of Health. Explores the steps to take to reduce the likelihood that indoor-air-quality (IAQ) problems will develop in educational facilities. The sources and hazards of IAQ when renovating buildings are... 08/31/1998
A Clean Campus is a Healthy Campus When custodians are trained properly, they aren't just making a building look good; they're improving the health and welfare of everyone on campus, and contributing positively to the... 03/04/2007
A Clean School Is a Healthy School. Discusses the benefits that schools and universities can derive when they emphasize health and safety in their cleaning practices. Use of the Cleaning for Health and Safety program to reduce or... 04/30/2001
A Clean Slate. As it builds its first campus in 35 years, the University of California is using sustainability and smart buildings to create a living laboratory for students. The administration's aim is to... 07/31/2003
A Cleaner Future. Describes how school restrooms can get a fresher and healthier look with new technologies and better-trained custodial workers. Examples include more automated, no-touch systems and efficient... 05/31/2003
A Clear Translation. Profiles the Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translation Medicine at Yeshiva University. The center works closely with five hospital centers in the New York area in order to bring medical... 06/30/2008
A Clear View. Discusses advantages of window film to school energy savings, how glass transfers heat, and how to select the right type of film for the type of windows being considered. 03/31/2009
A Clear View. Surveys advances in window design and glass technology that can permit windows to better play their often diametric role of letting in and keeping out just the right level of light, cold, heat, noise... 06/30/2001
A Clear Vision. Explores the process of keeping pool water safe and healthful through careful planning of filter purchases and replacement. Deciding when filters need replacing, the type of filter required, and... 09/30/2000
A Client's Guide to Sustainable Schools: A Draft for Development. Describes principles of sustainable design and provides guidance for owners formulating a program for sustainable building, communicating the benefits of sustainability, working with design... 12/31/2003
A Collaborative, Ongoing University Strategic Planning Framework: Process, Landmines, and Lessons. Examines the strategic planning process at Cleveland State University. A faculty-administrative team used a communicative planning approach to develop a collaborative, ongoing, bottom-up, transparent... 06/30/2009
A College Health Center. Case Studies of Educational Facilities #6. Considers problems and solutions related to the design and establishment of college health facilities. Specific considerations include: 1) internal expansion and flexibility; 2) study and... 12/31/1964
A College in the City: An Alternative. Presents a new way of looking at the urban university. It describes the planning effort for a nonconventional college in the poor urban community of Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant section. This... 02/28/1969
A Combined Geothemal Heat Pump System - the Results After Two Years An installation consisting of an electric heat pump coupled to an underground thermal storage system and a combined heat and power unit has made spectacular energy savings possible for a secondary... 12/31/1998