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Title Abstract Publication Date
A Curriculum Every Student Can Use: Design Principles for Student Access. This publication addresses issues involved in universal design for learning as they relate to full access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities. It begins by discussing... 12/31/1997
A Data-Driven Approach. Discusses the need for a school district to have an accurate assessment of existing facility conditions and outlines how a facility assessment is typically conducted and its results utilized. 02/28/2007
A Deadly Blaze Prompts Action Describes efforts toward improved fire safety measures and regulations by individual institutions of higher education, states, national associations, and Congress after three students were killed in... 03/09/2000
A Decade of Consolidation: Where are the Savings? Between 1990 and 2000, total enrollment in West Virginia decreased 11%, 202 schools were closed, and education spending increased by 16%. Per pupil expenditures increased more in West Virginia than... 12/31/2003
A Decade of Results: Charter School Loan & Operating Performance This report looks at the performance of charter school loans over the last decade. It reflects data from 15 lenders representing $1.2 billion in charter school loans over 10 years. Of these loans,... 04/30/2011
A Deeper Shade of Green. Discussses the expansion of green school facility consciousness to include alternative energy sources, LEED certification, CHPS standards, and performance contracting. 05/31/2009
A Delicate Matter. Profiles an addition to the Benedicta Arts Center at the College of Saint Benedict. The beloved 1964 structure was respected by the addition, in spite of the difficulty matching the unique exterior... 02/28/2007
A Demographic Projecting Wrinkle. Describes projecting school enrollment by examining ethnic trends, which may help produce accurate forecasts for school districts of any size, especially when the majority population is in decline,... 12/31/2005
A Descriptive Analysis of the Perspectives of Neville High School's Teachers Regarding the Schools Renovation This paper describes a study conducted at Neville High School (Louisiana) in 1996-1997 designed to examine the effects of facility renovation on faculty morale. Questions considered participant views... 11/04/1998
A Design Assessment Scale for Elementary Schools. Design Assessment Scale for Elementary Schools (DASE) assists educators and architects in evaluating, planning, and designing developmentally appropriate learning environments for elementary schools... 04/30/1999
A Design for Alana: Creating the Next Generation of American Schools. This booklet recounts an educator's musings on what education could be for his 2-year-old granddaughter. It describes the shift in pedagogical paradigms away from the diagnostic-prescriptive... 12/31/1999
A Design Handbook for Technology Education Facilities and Other Related Programs This manual provides guidelines for school facilities for conducting technology education throughout the curriculum, especially in Florida. The introductory section of the manual defines technology... 12/31/1996
A Design of Their Own. Argues for a new kind of built environment for community colleges, leaving behind the mundane strip mall or institutional look, and reflecting instead their importance as educators of almost half of... 10/27/2005
A Design That Teaches Others. Advocates creating school buildings that teach environmental stewardship, emphasizing retention of trees, recycling, and school gardens. 05/16/2009
A Design Today with Tomorrow in Mind. Advocates design of schools to accommodate evolution in instructional methods, including elimination of double-loaded corridors, a minimum of 900 square feet per classroom, and accommodation of small... 04/30/2008
A Diet of Worms. Describes introduction of vermicomposting at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. Students enthusiastically participate in disposing of fruit and vegetable waste, shredded newspapers, paper receipts, and... 03/31/2010
A Different Approach to Design. Describes an approach to new school design that looks at architectural issues from a different angle: channeling a wide range of information into a targeted collection of ideas on which the architect... 02/29/1996
A Different Path. Explains the design-build approach and discusses it as a way for colleges and universities to address their space needs more quickly. 10/31/2002
A Different View. Lists the benefits of daylighting schools, considerations for where and how to do it, and ways to control glare. 01/31/2004
A Divisible Auditorium/Boulder City, Nevada. Presents specifications and operation of Boulder City's divisible auditorium. The planners designed a wedge-shaped seating area divided first by an audiovisual core bisecting the wide end of the...
A DIY Campus Preservation Plan: Lessons Learned at the University of Mary Washington A for credit academic class of graduate students gets involved with UMW's campus heritage and works to integrate it with the overall campus master planning process. 12/31/2011
A Double Play. Describes a partnership between Worcester's College of the Holy Cross and the minor league baseball team Worcester Tornadoes that enabled the renovation of an historic baseball stadium owned by... 06/30/2006
A Drain on Resources? Discusses the high cost of maintaining pools and how some schools are closing theirs, even though interest in competitive swimming is increasing. Cost-saving measures and alternative funding... 07/31/2009
A Dream Realized: The Development of King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science. Describes the planning and design of King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, which provides students with opportunities to explore careers in health care and science... 12/31/2001
A Drop in the Bucket. Describes different types of paint, their contents, and their relative life expectancies. 10/31/2004