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Title Abstract Publication Date
A Drop of Prevention. [Fire Sprinkler System Retrofits] Describes advances in fire sprinkler technology that makes retrofitting a building easier, typical costs and benefits of retrofitting, code and plumbing requirements, and integration of sprinklers... 06/30/2010
A Dying Heritage: One-Room Schools of Gallatin County, Montana. To the western frontier settlements, the rural school was a potent message carrier of progress. It symbolized proof of a commitment to a better way of life for the families that ventured west. 12/31/1981
A Facilities Manager's Guide to Green Building Design. Explains how the green building approach to educational facilities design creates healthy, naturally lit, attractive buildings with lower operating and life cycle costs. Defines green design,... 02/28/2001
A Facilities Planning Guide for Work and Family Studies. Designed to help teachers work with school and vocational administrators as they plan new or renovated facilities to energize the Work and Family Studies program. 12/31/1997
A Feasibility Blueprint. Defines the feasibility study for the higher education building environment, emphasizing proper timing and targeted scope of the study, a clear letter of understanding between the consultant and... 09/30/2004
A Feasibility Study for Model School Design Plans. Report of the Department of Education to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia. Senate Document No. 8. Virginia Senate Joint Resolution No. 400 requested the Department of Education (DOE) to study the feasibility of the commonwealth providing model school design plans for elementary, middle, and high... 12/31/2001
A Few Common School Issues. Describes four problems that all school systems seem to face at some point: how to plan and design middle schools, how to accommodate updated science instruction, how to include special education... 09/30/2004
A Few Easy Steps. Examines tested techniques that can keep a school's carpeting in good condition. Cleaning with hot water extraction, removing spills and spots, handling emergency cleanups, and cleaning soft... 11/30/2000
A Fifty State Assessment of Capital Needs for Public Higher Education: Policy Objectives. Assesses and compares states and their efforts to fund public higher education capital needs, ranking them by operating appropriations per student and capital appropriations per student. Data shows... 06/30/2001
A Final Determination. Discusses ways of comparing costs of renovation and maintenance of a facility versus building new. A detailed table provides an itemized example of how capital renewal costs might compare to new... 10/31/2003
A Firm Fit. Explains how to choose classroom furniture that complements the teaching methodology and fits classroom configurations and needs. Purchasing considerations beyond quality, price, and service are... 04/30/1998
A Fish Tale: Cabrillo High School's Aquarium Gets a New Facility. Examines how community cooperation helped to create a state-of-the-art aquarium for its high school. Discussed are building challenges and solutions, sponsorship from the state of California, and the... 11/30/1999
A Flexible Factory. Describes the design of a temporary facility for the UCLA art and dance departments, whose facilities are undergoing seismic retrofitting. The concrete and steel industrial aesthetic of the project... 09/30/2003
A Flexible School for Early Childhood Education in Italy. Profiles this flexible early childhood facility that accommodates children's development and the different ways they experience space, according to their age. The facility includes a nursery... 06/30/2008
A Floor for All. Recommends a floor selection process that considers how the space will be used, the furniture that will be on it, maintenance requirements, repairability, budget, and aesthetics. 05/31/2004
A Flooring Discussion. Presents an interview with three flooring professionals that discusses the current rate of school flooring installation, types of products being selected, sustainability, common misconceptions over... 08/31/2008
A Foundation To Uphold: A Study of Facilities Conditions at U.S. Colleges and Universities This report presents the results of a study of the condition of higher education facilities in the United States and offers recommendations to improve the deteriorating state of such facilities. The... 12/31/1995
A Fresh Focus on Water Issues. Confronts reality of U.S. water shortages and the challenges facing repair and maintenance of water-related infrastructure. School facilities managers can do the following: 1) Go beyond the current... 04/30/2011
A Full Plate for Schools. As of summer 2001, at least 12 states are deep-sixing junk foods in schools. Schools face an uphill battle on nutrition education. Commercials promoting junk food seem ubiquitous, and children are... 12/31/2001
A Futurist Looks at Technology and Change. Discusses how advancing technology is creating a new business model that is having a major impact on facilities planners. Also provides a model to help planners dissect their organization, better... 12/31/1998
A Gameplan For Access. Compliance with the ADA is a legal requirement, and it is the right thing to do. To make facilities accessible for individuals with disabilities and meet the requirements of Title II of the ADA,... 02/28/2003
A Gender Perspective on Educational Facilities. Explores the planning and design of educational facilities from a gender perspective, with a view to guiding future research and policy analysis. The article argues that social relations are... 06/30/2010
A Genius Idea Description and photos of the outdoor play and learn area at All Saints School in Norwalk, Connecticut that promotes play and an understanding of the physical sciences and energy conservation. The... 05/23/2012
A Giant Half Step. Reviews possibilities for contemporary classroom arrangement when a more traditional double-loaded corridor school design is desired. Size of classrooms, technology integration, and clustering... 02/28/2007
A Globalized Studio Environment: Configuring Reflexive Spatial Agendas. Proposes that though the forces of globalization have radically changed our conception and use of space, its material manifestation is as important now more then ever to those training to be... 02/28/2009